no power getting to computer

  u2 13:21 25 Jul 2003

Hi hope you can help.The computer went dead the other day no power nothing,so I open it fiddled with it and it started working again.

Then the same thing happened started goin haywiretried to re-start no power getting through reset the jumpers ect, still noyhing any ideas guys cheers.

  Giant68 13:33 25 Jul 2003

Start with the simple things, check the power cable, if you can stick another power cable in and see if that cures the problem. Check that the power supply is correctly connected to the motherboard.


  xania 13:35 25 Jul 2003

What do you mean 'reset the jumpers'? If it has worked, it will continue to work, so I suggest you put them back as they were. Sounds to me that your power supply has packed up. You should be able to pick up a replacement for about £40. If your not sure what you are doing, I suggest that you take out your old pack and take it with you to replace - they may even test it for you first.

  Gongoozler 14:43 25 Jul 2003

"so I open it fiddled with it"!! I wonder what you were fiddling with. The only internal bits that I can think of are the motherboard ATX power connector from the power supply and the wires from the power switch to the motherboard. In an ATX system the power enable control is from the switch to the power supply via the motherboard. If this link is lost anywhere along this route, your power supply will not switch on.

  madPentium 14:57 25 Jul 2003

Does your power supply have a switch on the back?
Have you or someone else accidentally turned it off? If your monitor works and is supplied directly from the mains and not from the pc, try this power lead on the computer.
What jumpers did you change? was it the clear bios one? if not, you may have changed the voltage settings or clock speed of the motherboard and blown something.

  u2 20:25 25 Jul 2003

Sorry guys I will tray and explain it properly, when I opened the puter I took out the battery all the ram the cards ect.Reset the bios jumpers.
put them back in and it worked

It was completley dead put them all back in and it worked for about 2 days, then last night it went again had trouble getting into windows ect,then switched it off then on ,nothing no power no power the other day then then it worked .How can it work well 1 minute and the next nothing?

  graham√ 20:40 25 Jul 2003

Like a bolt from the blue! the answer came. You're looking for complicated things first. How about a loose screw in the mains plug of the PC or extension lead?

  u2 21:56 26 Jul 2003

Cheer,s guys I,ve fixed it dont know how though or how the power is there 1 minute and gone the next.

Would it have something to do with the battery or the ram or the pci card,s, I tok them all out and put them back in again and it works?Aalso reset the jumpers.

  woodchip 22:09 26 Jul 2003

It sounds like you have got a bad socket, may be memory, you could try some switch cleaner from a good electronic?s shop in the socket. Is this an old comp? to use switch cleaner it's a spray can with the computer switched of remove the ram spray cleaner into socket and put the ram in and out about three times then you can start comp if it will go.

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