no power after moving please

  bof:) 21:15 26 Sep 2004

Hi all,

brother-in-law rang and said his pc was now being used by kids. It has sat on table for several months after being correctly turned off and when he turned it on the other day there was nothing.

He bought the tower to my house where we noticed that the power supply fan not moving. We 'nudged' it with a plastic pen and it started up but with a brrrrring noise.

After putting new power supply in we started PC got 1 beep, power supply fan worked ok and we could hear the HD start up, all lights come on for floppy/cd player etc. So I assumed all was ok. (no monitor to check it out)

When B in L got PC home he started it up and nothing happened.

He has checked power sockets by trying monitor in both sockets and monitor comes on.

He has exchanged both power cables with monitor and monitor works.

He has tried both power cables on PC and not a peep.

I've suggested that I could have knocked something loose when putting in the power supply, so tonight he is going to unplug and reseat all cables and daughter cards. I've told him about static electricity and do on a wooden table if at all possible (does a kitchen work surface count?)

If anyone else has any thoughts on what could be causing the PC not to power up could they please advise me. I'm open to all ideas and will try them next time I see B in L. If reseating all fails to work.

many thanks for your kind help,


  bof:) 00:03 27 Sep 2004


  Bandy 00:08 27 Sep 2004

This may seem rather silly but have you checked the switch on the power supply.

My daughter had a similar problem recently and didn't realise she'd knocked the switch when moving the computer.

  bof:) 00:15 27 Sep 2004

Hi bandy, no we havent. (if you mean the switch on the front of the PC...there isnt 1 on the back) I'll check it out when I get too see the pc. Thanks for your help.

The pc has been tried in 2 locations in B in laws house and it failed to start in both.


  1911 00:25 27 Sep 2004

I dont know if I had quite the same problem but after moving pc I had no power at all. Finaly found switch at front is only push button. Small switch inside had come loose and push button didnt operate it. Very fiddly to get switch back in position. bad design by Compac

  bof:) 00:35 27 Sep 2004

Hi 1911, once I get to the PC the front switch will be the 1st thing I check out. The front comes off the case so the switch is quite easy to get to I think. I'll make sure that the connection to the motherboard is also took out and reseated.

Many thanks again,


  bof:) 12:18 28 Sep 2004

Hi all, contacted brother in law again and it seem that he was not pushing the power cable to the PC back as far as it should go. When he did so the PC started up.

On the 1st power up it failed to go any further than a 'Checksum error'.

On the 2nd boot up, it did a scandisk and loaded correctly.

So, should this checksum error be something to watch out for in the future?

Thanks for all of your help, its greatly appreciated.


  Djohn 12:23 28 Sep 2004

Good to hear that all is OK. Don't worry about the checksum error unless it happens again.

It was most likely due to the several failed attempts to boot properly prior to pushing the power cable fully home. This will also apply to the scandisk.

  bof:) 17:33 05 Oct 2004

thanks Djohn

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