No power

  maz2 11:27 14 May 2004

While shutting down the other day the PC hung on the closing screen and wouldn't shut down so I had to shut it off by pressing button on tower, when I pressed button to switch back on the tower semmed completely dead no power at all, no lights nothing. Took at to the supplier and he plugged it in and it started first time. So anyway the same thing happened again today and the only way to get it started was to uplug the paer cable from the back re-plug it in and then it started ok, has anyone any ideas as I will have to take it back to the supplier, but I would feel better if I knew what it could be

  maz2 11:28 14 May 2004

Sorry by the way running Windows 98 and if anyone can help me with the problem of the page hanging at shutdown I'b be very grateful

  Agent Smith 12:15 14 May 2004

Check your power cable to see if the wires in the plug are loose or the fuse in the plug may be loose (use another cable). If that proves fruitless check the socket where the mains plug is normally plugged in.

  woodchip 12:28 14 May 2004

faulty power supply, it may be a faulty connection inside the psu. not to be tampered with by unqualified person

  woodchip 12:30 14 May 2004

PS you could try a new Kettle lead but do not forget it will have a big fuse that needs changing if you keep using it to protect the comp. a 5amp should be OK

  spuds 12:55 14 May 2004

As above. Loose wires or damaged cable or fuse!.

  maz2 18:47 14 May 2004

Right thanks for that I just don't want the wool pulled over my eyes when I speak to the supplier the PC was new Dec so still under guarantee

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