No power

  s99Raj 18:46 26 Nov 2003

I have a PC with a P4S5A Rev 5.1 motherboard, and the PC suddenly won't switch on for no apparent reason, after working fine for months.

I've tried replacing the power supply with two different good ones but still no luck. The processor fan spins for about half a second and then stops. There's no other signs of life in thhe PC.

Has the motherboard had it? Would the processor be burnt out too?

Any ideas much appreciated. Thank you.

  Gongoozler 19:01 26 Nov 2003

s99Raj, it is really not possible to differentiate between the motherboard and the processor in this case. If one fails, the other may or may not be damaged depending on the cause of the failure. ECS motherboards are not noted for their reliability, and the P4 processor is protected against overheating, so on this basis I would first suspect the motherboard.

  canard 19:03 26 Nov 2003

Maybe the power unit. £27ish and fiddley but not impossible to install. My daughter's was replaced by her beloved and he'd never been near a PCs innards before.

  s99Raj 19:18 26 Nov 2003

It's not the power unit because I'm using two other good ones. I've removed everything from the m/b (all cards and drives and RAM) and even tried shorting the power switch to switch it on but still get no signs of life. I guess it must be the m/b at fault??

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