luckylittler 09:06 10 Dec 2003

I recently purchased a laptop from the Far East and whilst it runs like any other computer, it does not have an 'english pound sign key'. Is it possible to download a program which will allow me to assign the pound sign to another key. if it is, can anybody advise, in detail, how this can be done.

My OS is XP home

  Jester2K II 09:20 10 Dec 2003

If you set the keyboard to UK under Control Panel, Regional And Language Options then SHIFT + 3 will produce a £.

  luckylittler 09:51 10 Dec 2003

All the settings are in UK mode. A pound sign appears in the options/customise section, applied & ok'd the window - then tried shift + 3 but still keep getting the # symbol.

  Pesala 10:11 10 Dec 2003

That will tell you the keystroke for the £ sign.

Try Ctrl Alt 3 or Ctrl Alt 4 to see whether you get £ or € signs.

  luckylittler 10:28 10 Dec 2003

Ctl Alt 3 or 4 does not work either. I have now gone into 'Add input languages' section - 'Details' and it is set as English (United Kingdom) - Under this there is a ticked box saying 'Keyboard Layout' - US. Having scrolled through all other available languages there is nothing for The UK or UK English or alike. Any suggestions?

  Pesala 11:13 10 Dec 2003


  johnnyrocker 11:35 10 Dec 2003

take the tick out of keyboard layout US


  harristweed 11:45 10 Dec 2003

I have a spanish keyboard which also does not have a £ key.

To produce a £ sign. Hold down the alt key and press 0163 on the number pad.

  luckylittler 15:39 10 Dec 2003

OK - Finally licked it - and here is the proof ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££! Went into regional options, languages, details, key settings, change key options, alt + shift + 1 (in my case) enables you to switch between english US or UK or any other language. So, the process is - alt + shift + 1 - then shift # to get the pound sign! - easy when you know how! (NOT!) - Saved me £20 not taking it to PC World for them to do it for me! - Thanks to all those that advised.

  Pesala 19:28 10 Dec 2003

Only kidding (~_~)

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