No POST - power on & fans running...

  Coltmaninov 17:03 05 Jul 2009

Hi there

I'm outlining this cronologically to try and make any diagnosis as straighforward as possible -

A few weeks ago the PC I use for editing and multimedia began displaying strange symptoms...

(1) The keyboard would hang-up periodically (the cursor frozen on screen) and any attempt to CTL Alt Delete (to bring up the task manager) would not respond - requiring a reboot to bring the PC back to life.

(2) The PC would intermitently shut down and reboot of its own accord.

(3) Penultimately, the PC would shut down completely - requiring me to physically re-boot.

After this juncture, the POST would inform me (and please remember that I only had a few moments to read the warning during boot phase) of something to to with Overclocking. Also the POST began skipping the system check where it perfoms the RAM count and would instead display the ASUS motherboard front-end screen (it never did before).

Then a week or so ago, the PC shut down completely - I can power-up, the fans will run, but nothing on the monitor.

After reading several forums (I realise repetitive postings of similar situations can become tedious) I have conducted the following tests to try and ascertain what is going wrong -

(1) Monitor check - the monitor is working fine.

(2) Graphics card check - bought a new graphics card (exactly the same model) and installed it in the AGP slot, connected the requisite power cable and fan/heatsink. No change in status - and the card is working fine in another computer.

(3) Power Supply Unit replacement - reconnected all cables - No remedy there either.

(4) Peripheral checks - cleaned Memory sticks with a rubber band, checked all connections, checks on all cables and cards - still nothing.

(5) Reset the BIOS - by removing and replacing the battery on the motherboard, and also by switching the Jumper bridge. Again - no result.

I'm guessing this leaves me with two or possibly three remaining options - the P4 Processor itself has died, the motherboard has died - and thirdly (is this indeed posible?) there is a virus somewhere.

For the love of sweet baby Moses - can anybody out there help me?

PC spec -

ASUS P4C800 E Deluxe motherboard
Twin 512mb RAM
Nvidia GeForceFX5900 graphics card
DPS/Leitch Velocity & Reality Video capture card
SCSI video drive 320gig
IDE secondary drive 80gig
SATA Barracuda 500gig (as the primary boot)

Running on Windows 2000

Early response are greatly appreciated - I may be in a cell with a straight-jacket eating inescts in a few days...

Best Regards to you all


PS: It was interesting to note Catastrophe's posting of Sun, 10/05/[email protected]:32 - could there be a link here?

  Technotiger 17:11 05 Jul 2009

I doubt whether it would be a virus - but that still leaves three possibilities - Possibly Main Drive on way out, hope you have anything important backed-up.

Motherboard dying.

CPU dying.

Only solution is to check each of these, in whatever order is easiest for you.

  Coltmaninov 17:26 05 Jul 2009

Thanks for the feeback, Technotiger - that's interesting as I was curious to see if installing a new main drive would resolve this (although the Barracuda is only four months old) - but if I'm getting no POST or BIOS display, how indeed could I install a new main drive?

Of course, if the problem is with the main drive, then that question would answer itself...

Thanks again for your advice.

  Technotiger 17:45 05 Jul 2009

BTW have you checked your temperatures - especially the CPU? If CPU reading is high, might simply need thermal paste renewing.

  DieSse 17:47 05 Jul 2009

Cannot be a virus - too soon in the bootup process.

Disconnect the main drive - if it is that it should POST OK.

It could be RAM - if you've got two sticks try with each one in turn.

It could be poor connection of the processor - remove and refit. Wiggle the lever up and down (not violently!) to clean the contacts.

It could be the motherboard (that's more common than you would thonk.

It could be another plug-in card (if you have any)

It could be keyboard or mouse.

My bet would be a motherboard fault or a contact issue with the processor, based on the frequency of this kind of issue.

  wightman 19:12 05 Jul 2009

Hi Coltmaninov
There is another probable cause! Its likely that Windows Boot Manager file has been corrupted or damaged. The symptoms you outline fit with that problem.

I am not familiar with Win2000 and I am not sure the 'Repair' facility is on the CD?
Any one else like to pick this up and run with it?


  Coltmaninov 19:41 05 Jul 2009

Thanks so much for the suggestions, guys.

Disconnected main drive - no change.

Tried separate switches of the RAM sticks - nope.

Removed and repositioned Processor as per DieSse's recommendation - nothing there either.

The mouse & keyboard are working fine - although the lights no longer flash on the keyboard to indicate it has been recognised.

I'm suspecting that the motherboard or processor is the issue - although wightman (hi there) raises an interesting new possibility about the BOOT manager file - plenty of food for thought - and just when I thought it was safe to go back in the water...

  baldydave 19:53 05 Jul 2009

It will not be the boot manager,the pc will post on screen before it accesses the hard drive for the os.
Disconnect all drives and usb/printer cables etc from pc leaving just board/ram/cpu/psu/keyboard and mouse,if this does not post then it will be process of swapping out one component at a time till you find offending item.
Earlier you said about PSU did you swap it over with a known good unit or just reseat cables.

  DieSse 19:54 05 Jul 2009

It cannot be a software issue if it doesn't POST. POST comes well before any attempt to even read the hard drive to get at any software at all.

  woodchip 20:23 05 Jul 2009

I would also be inclined to think its a PSU problem

  Coltmaninov 20:59 05 Jul 2009

Indeed, the PSU was swapped with one from a working PC - it was the first element I addressed.

baldydave, I'll give the component swap a go - I do, however, keep thinking that the ASUS motherboard logo suddenly appearing from nowhere at POST stage (during the last three or so BOOT UP's before the current situation) is pointing towards the mobo/CPU.

Just a feeling.

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