No post beep or monitor output

  Suzuki ITFC 20:13 17 Mar 2005

Can someone please help, I have a HP Pavilion 7865 on Windows XP. All was running fine till yesterday. When I turn on the computer I hear the fans and hard drive start up but when I turn on the monitor it goes green like its coming on then turns back to the orange standby light. I also don't hear a post beep!

Could it be the CMOs battery or something else?

Thanks in Advance.

  pavel 20:21 17 Mar 2005

I have a machine that had a similar problem , on complete shut down it only partly restarts. I half solved this by turning off pc unpluging the power cable and reseating the RAM yes I know this is a bodge but if this works it may expose the real reason for the problem which in my case was a BIOS update was needed.
Bless you

  Technotiger 20:23 17 Mar 2005

Hi, this is an indication of power problem - probably means your psu is dying - replace psu.


  pavel 20:24 17 Mar 2005

While your in the casing make sure all power connectors and cables , pci cards etc are secure infact the golden rule is check the obvious first ie, exterior cables cables.
Good hunting

  Storik 20:30 17 Mar 2005

Well it's a couple of weeks since my computer did the self same thing. Fine the night before, refused to boot the following morning - no error beeps - nothing.

Now in my case, and it may not be your problem, it turned out to be a faulty memory module. I had two luckily, and trying each one separately found that one was causing the problem and replaced it.

Everything has been fine since - so with a bit of luck, it may be simply rectified.

Good luck


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