No post after new mobo

  kempster 21:25 12 Aug 2005

Hi I just insatlled a Abit nf7-2sg mother board with a Althon xp1800 and I cant get it to post. the fans work and the led's work the hard drive spins but it dosent post. Have checked wiring and it all looks right? Any thoughts coz its really upsetting me:(

  wobblymike 21:45 12 Aug 2005

Hi - you have mu sympathy bI am having the same problem with a spare Pc - see my curremt thread PC will not post, there's lots of good gen on it.
You have to be logical - check your memory sticks are in properly abd obviously the right ones for the board - check graphics card is seated properly
Are you getting any beep codes if so what are they

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:57 12 Aug 2005

fans work and the led's work the hard drive spins

Check first

1. graphics card fully inserted

2. memory fully inserted

3. monitor lead / pins

  Stuartli 00:14 13 Aug 2005

Is this an upgrade for an existing system and one that has XP already installed?

XP doesn't always welcome a replacement motherboard and after I installed a new mobo and CPU recently I booted from the XP disk and did a Repair (not an Install or a Recovery Console) of XP; this also preserves all the hard drive's data and configuration.

There are plenty of threads on Repairing XP in the forum.

The advice came from the second offspring at the time, whose an IT support specialist.

  jack 08:39 13 Aug 2005

Would this be 64bit by any chance ?
My recent experience was the same as you. MoBo ran no POST- I then looked at the Buildsheet.
It seens that new type MoBo.s for 64 bit Athlone any way and perhaps others have separate power socket for CPU.
This meant A new PSU for me. so perhaps for you too

also on reading the buildshhet and here they were quite explicit - a swap to 64 bit[or perhaps just a new MoBo] the old system will not run. A reformat and reinstall is the only way forward.
which for me posed the new problem of sacrificing more beer tokens for a new XP bundle.
Meanwhile my old trusty 98SE came to the rescue - perhaps I will leave it that way.
.click here

  kempster 09:40 13 Aug 2005

Its not a 64bit. Its a second hand Athlone 1800xp thats out of my dads old machine that I know works. Athlone recommend the mother board for this chip. Is it possable that the cmos battery is flat? I had this problem on my old dell, it wouldnt post but that was a five year old machine? Will check everything is plugged and wired up.....

  Stuartli 10:33 13 Aug 2005

Advanced Micro Device's (AMD) website for its Athlon, Duron and other CPUs, along with troubleshooting assistance, can be found at:

click here

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