[DELETED] 08:59 06 Jan 2006

Hi all

Problem with my PC. I'm hoping someone can give me advice, or confirm my suspicions...

Machine turned itself off (I wasn't there, so no idea if there was any warning or error messages).

Now it fails to POST. No warning beeps, no output to monitor, nothing... but it does power on, and all the fans work.

Have tried reseating all components and cables (and in some cases replacing cables - SATA and IDE).

Unfortunately I have limited parts, so haven't been able to do a thorough 'process of elimination'.

I have:
Tried two different hard drives
Two different DVD drives
Removed RAM and tried single sticks

I also had a new, unused mobo, so I swapped the minimum number of components on to that (CPU, 1 stick of RAM, SATA hard drive, AGP graphics card)

Exact same problem...

As I have swapped out everything but the CPU and graphics card I think it's likely to be one of those components.

An odd thing... If I have a DVD or CD drive connected to the machine via IDE bus, the DVD drive will not power up, so the tray will not open. If I take it off the IDE bus then the drive powers and tray can be opened (this happenes on both motherboards I've tried).

It seems like something is making the mobo's go wacky... I'm thinking the CPU could be fried (no physical indication that it's burnt out though) and is stopping the board POST'ing.

Machine is an MSI 939 socket AGP motherboard, AMD 3500+ CPU, Gainward 6800GT GS graphics card.

Any help appreciated.

  recap 09:09 06 Jan 2006

You say you swapped the mobo over, did you also use the same CPU for the spare mobo? If so then I think your assumption might be correct.

  [DELETED] 09:16 06 Jan 2006

Yeah, I only have one 939 socket CPU. So had to use the same one in both mobos.

Looks like it's time to invest in an AMDX2 :)

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