Uccello 22:39 27 Jan 2005

Completed self build and computer worked for two days and now won't POST. Floppy drive, DVD and HD all not booting up. Have Gigabyte GA-8IKXW Intel 875P ATX MOBO, Intel P4E 3.2 1MB 800 FSB processor, 2 WD HDs, 2 DVDs. Can't remember whether MOBO has power ON LED (nothing visual/obvious now) but thought there was one at start. Have tried similar 400W PSU but with no difference i.e. monitor blank, no boot etc. Started from scratch with minimum equipment connected both in and out of case. Still no joy. However, when power disconnected to HDs and SATA cables removed from MOBO a continuous beep sounds. Any suggestions please.

  Technotiger 22:51 27 Jan 2005

Hi, you might find something here to help - covers just bout everything - well nearly;-)

click here


  Storik 23:22 27 Jan 2005

you mean what? Graphics, memory and keyboard?

Would try reseating your memory module(s) - one at a time if more than one. This may be your problem.

Sometimes a faulty expansion card (in my case it was the sound card) can cause the computer to appear dead. Also an improperly slotted SCSI card did the same thing.

I would also check your CPU hasn't overheated. Is the fan working?

Of course the whole problem could be down to the motherboard itself - I hope not.

Try booting with just memory and graphics, then, if it works, add keyboard, floppy, hard disk etc. etc. one at a time. Hope you get it fixed - good luck.


  Chezdez 00:51 28 Jan 2005

was the second PSU you used a known working one?

  Forum Editor 00:57 28 Jan 2005

There'll be a jumper which you can change to short out the CMOS and reset it. Alternatively, rfemove the CMOS battery and leave it out for a few minutes. Then replace it and start the computer.

Otherwise follow Storik's advice.

  Uccello 07:55 28 Jan 2005

Thanx to all for the help. For extra info: The PSU was from a friends working computer and does seem to have made a slight difference (now long beep). I have reset the bios (many times by both the jumper and taking out battery). All fans working (CPU, system and Hard Drive cooling) Minimum equipment was MOBO, processor and graphics card (otherwise cannot see monitor - DVI output). At the moment I have 3 other cards which I am leaving out until I resolve this -hopefully. Does anyone know if the Gigabyte GA-8IKXW Intel 875P ATX MOBO has a power LED? Thanx again.

  bananaslik 09:03 28 Jan 2005

Uccello,remove graphics card,boot up & c if you get the proper post beep if not you could b looking at the mobo.

  Storik 18:46 28 Jan 2005

and somebody will correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't a long drawn out high beep mean the CPU is overheating?


  Technotiger 20:38 28 Jan 2005

A continuous beep (IBM BIOS) indicates No Power or Loose Card or Short.

For what it's worth, have not been following this Thread, been away.


  Uccello 19:42 09 Feb 2005

It was the MOBO and had a full refund from At the same time I sent the old one back I ordered a different one and now have the system up and running. Apart from the initial frustrations of not knowing what was wrong, it all worked out well thanks to dabs. Also thanks for the advice anyway.

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