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  Craigy 12:05 01 Oct 2004

I Have a K8N Neo mobo and a rx800 msi GC. When i hit the power button i get a red flashing message saying GC not conected refer to getting started in the manual. I've had a look at the GC fan and its rotating, can anyone please help me?


  Craigy 13:11 01 Oct 2004

The maunal for the GC doesn't mention about the yellow socket next to the power supply, should i put something in there?

Thank You

  Diodorus Siculus 17:02 01 Oct 2004


and check that it is correctly seated...

and if you have another graphics card, see if it works.

  Craigy 04:51 02 Oct 2004

I've just tried a different GC and that came on no probs.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:22 02 Oct 2004

Sounds as if there is a problem with the other then... time for a return to the outlet from whence it came.

  georgemac 09:34 02 Oct 2004

I agree - contact where you purchased it from - if you want to ask experts visit click here
forum, register & post a question

I don't know what type of motherboard you have - your card will be AGP 8x and perhaps 4x - if it is only 8x does your motherboard support this? Are you sure they are compatible?

  georgemac 09:36 02 Oct 2004

sorry your motherboard is compatible if only I could remember what I have read!

  georgemac 09:41 02 Oct 2004

it needs at least a 350 watt psu - what type of psu is in your system?

click here
it also says always disconnect supplied power cable when system power is off - does not make much sense to me

I would check the forums

  Craigy 15:34 02 Oct 2004

Thanks for the reply's i have a 460 watt PSU, so it looks like i'm sending it back to Overclockers then.
Cheers everyone


  Rayuk 15:41 02 Oct 2004

What yellow socket next to the psu are you referring to?

  georgemac 18:15 02 Oct 2004

there is a yellow socket on the graphics card next to the 4 pin power socket (supplied from the psu). I don'y know what it's for and if craigy has looked in the manual and it does not say I don't know how to find out.

some graphics cards get the psu power supply through a floppy type power connector - don't know if this one has 2 options?

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