No playback sound when recording

  Rosalie86 03:15 07 Oct 2010


I can't get a playback sound from my laptop when recording my guitar which is plugged into the line in.. there is a signal going in and when I play it back I can here what I recorded. It's just when I'm actually recording I can't here anything...

Any Ideas please..

  ferb82 04:10 07 Oct 2010

have u try to save it n then F5 to playback:D

  eedcam 05:34 07 Oct 2010

What software are you using to record with

  Rosalie86 08:52 07 Oct 2010

Thanks for your replys

I'm using Magix Music Studio 12... Regardless of wether I record or not, If I plug my guitar into the Line in via a Pedal as a booster theres no sound.. :-(

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