No pictures in e-mails

  lin_ 18:51 10 Nov 2003

When I recieve e-mails with pictures it just shows squares with red xs. Looked in Multimedia section to check that 'Show pictures' is selected and it is. Can anyone help? I am running OE 6.

  critic-al 19:01 10 Nov 2003

This problem happens because your machine is missing a file that it needs to create the image well and allow image submissions. Normally when you go to the page that lets you submit images, a small file is downloaded to your machine. This event happens quickly and is transparent to you. If you do not receive this file successfully, you will not be able to submit images, and you will see an image well with a red x in it. On rare occasions this problem is caused by your Internet connection, and simply reconnecting to the web site will solve the problem - the file will load successfully and the image well will appear correctly.

The most common cause of the problem however, is that you have incorrectly responded to an error message that normally appears on your screen the first time you try to send in your images. As described above, a first time user will see a "Grant or Deny" or a "Permission" question, asking you whether or not you want to accept and trust files from PictureWorks. If you choose to deny the request, you will not receive the necessary file, you will be unable to submit images, and instead a box will appear with a red x. If you do not see this warning message, you may have chosen to deny this request in the past, and also clicked on the "remember this choice" box. If this happens, you will not only fail to receive the appropriate files from PictureWorks, but you will also not see the error a second time, and therefore be unable to choose the "accept " option. To resolve this problem, access your certificate settings in either Netscape or IE, and erase them. These are normally found in your browser "options" menu. You will see the error again the next time you want to submit images, and be able to choose the "accept" option to allow download of the necessary file. You may also want to check your security settings in Netscape or Internet Explorer. They should be set to "low" to allow the files to download and create the image submission well. Once you successfully receive the file and create the image submission well, you may reset your security and certificate settings.

  Sapins 16:12 19 May 2005

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  DieSse 16:34 19 May 2005

Uh?? - Picture Works???

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