No Pictures on DVD - Just a Black screen + Sound

  Flat Face 04:50 26 May 2003

I am having problems running DVDs.

I am running Win XP (Home edition) on a Toshiba laptop

If run from autorun selecting Intervideo WinDVD (Version 3.1 (B054.10.C33.000.000) the programme ignores the request for WinDVD and starts with RealOne Player™ (Win 32) (Version 2.0 Build; Auto update

but apart from sound the screen is black.

If RealOne Player is uninstalled it will start in WinDVD but only with a Black screen

I also have Windows Media for Windows XP (Version – Product ID 55277-OEM-0011903-00111), but even if the above two non MS programmes are uninstalled the screen displays just black using this.

I have tried turning layers off but to no avail.

The DVDs were running OK in March, with the usual access via a menu screen. This was following the complete replacement of the drive due to it being unable to read disks of any kind.

Recently I installed a Compaq 5500 monitor to use my Toshiba Satellite 1800 like a desktop and installed the proprietary Compaq software.

If I go from Windows Explorer and explore the DVD I can run and see and hear the DVD using Intervideo WinDVD, but have to load each chapter separately which is a real pain, especially as they only have coding and not easily identifiable chapter headings as in the usual menu.

If using RealOne Player™ from Windows Explorer I get a series of Green and Blue Vertical Lines

If I use PrtScn and copy what is actually on the screen direct into Corel PhotoHouse it shows up as seen on the screen only until RealOne is turned off and then it goes Black, which rather indicates a refresh problem.

If using Windows Media Player even via Windows Explorer I only get a black screen.

I did try downloading an update to Windows Media Player to see if that might overcome the problem, but this only succeeded in blocking out the DVD Drive altogether – from which I was able to recover using Roxio GoBack.

Any ideas?

  -pops- 07:44 26 May 2003

WinDVD is now at version 4. Don't know whether that would make any difference/improvement click here


  -pops- 07:48 26 May 2003

Another point which may be important: are these DVDs geniume first generation commercial disks or are they copied on to a DVDR/RW?

  Flat Face 17:26 05 Jun 2003

Dear Pops
Yes, they are genuine DVDS - I don't have any 'locally' recorded DVDs
I had wondered about the version of windvd
By the way thanks for your prompt response - I have just switched ISP after the one we were using went down 11 days ago on the pretext they were moving buildings - otherwise transalted going bust - but then thats par for Tanzania!

  Flat Face 12:38 06 Jun 2003

Dear Pops
I have downloaded the InterVideo WINDVD 4.0, and at least I can now play DVDs, though RealOne™ Player still fights to take over. I am loathed to get rid of this, as it is better for playing music than Windows media Player giving more control of the quality of the sound.

If I allow RealOne™ Player to take over I get to the menu screen of the film and then if I click on play film it freezes everything and I have to use Ctrl+Alt+Dlt to end the task.

If I open WINDVD First and then insert the disk all seems to be fine, but it simply won’t work on Autoplay. Strange? Any further ideas?


  Flat Face 16:36 08 Jun 2003

Dear Pops et al
Thought you’d appreciate knowing that I have finally conquered the software conflict that RealOne™ Player was causing. It appears that it had several layers under tools/preferences (both under DVD and also under Media Types, plus elsewhere) all of which needed to be set correctly, to allow WINDVD to actually operate on its own without a take over bid being made.
Why does RealOne™ Player feel it needs to be so aggressive?

Unfortunately, though I think I have now finally got all the software working properly the dust of Tanzania getting into the drive simply does not allow DVDs to run smoothly, so play is very staccato indeed, making it impossible to watch them, so the time honoured reading of books, and doing an Airfix model of the Mayflower that I was given for Christmas have to be relied on for more enjoyable relaxation.

Thant seems to be par for life out here!

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