No picture when playing DVD

  Felix 9115 10:45 29 Oct 2005

I have a Dell Latittude C600 with a 600mhz processor and 128mb of RAM, which will only play sound and no picture whilst DVD is running, can anyone help please?

  Diemmess 10:58 29 Oct 2005

I am afraid your computer as it stands cannot handle the vast amount of data which is changing all the time, so it settles for what it can manage - sound only!

  Felix 9115 11:00 29 Oct 2005

So any suggestions as to what needs doing to make it play please?

  Diemmess 11:08 29 Oct 2005

Having just looked at the specs it is not so "old", but is desperately short of RAM for a start. Which version of windows are you using?

  Felix 9115 11:11 29 Oct 2005

Using Windows XP Home

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 11:17 29 Oct 2005

as Diemmess has said you are running very thin 128meg ram onboard graphic chipset and xp pro all vying for what little memory you have i think you are going to really struggle i dont know what the upgradability is for laptop but it seriously needs some more ram to even have a hope

  Felix 9115 11:21 29 Oct 2005

It can take up to 500 meg of RAM. Looks like that may be the way forward then.

  Diemmess 11:40 29 Oct 2005

That's more like it for XP! ....I'll cross my fingers for you!

  Felix 9115 12:52 29 Oct 2005

OK - thanks all of you for your help.


  Felix 9115 17:53 04 Nov 2005

Uprated the RAM to 192 meg, still doesn't show a picture, do I need more, or could it be another problem?

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