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No performance upgrade in Vista despite memory inc

  Bailey08787 23:54 25 Apr 2008


I was hoping to add a little more juice to my system by adding extra memory.

I run Vista 32-bit with 1.5gb DDR memory. That gave me a memory performance score within Vista of 4.5

I've replaced my memory with 4gb of DDR, but when I run the performance test my memory score still reads 4.5 - so seemingly no improvement

am i doing something wrong?


  sunny staines 10:34 26 Apr 2008

my vista runs very fast, i only have a score of 3.7 using 2g of dr400 ram the max for my motherboard. only slow area is deleting files buts thats not too bad or too often.

something loaded on on your pc must be slowing it down.

  anskyber 10:39 26 Apr 2008

Was the RAM the lowest score for all tests to give you 4.5?

The overall score is selected from the lowest scoring component.

  Bailey08787 10:45 26 Apr 2008

"Same type of Memory = Same score nomatter how much you put in.

DDR2 will give a higher score"

What so I can only increase my memory score by installing a different type of memory?? that would involve me needing to get a whole new motherboard.

"Was the RAM the lowest score for all tests to give you 4.5?

The overall score is selected from the lowest scoring component."

Yes, the RAM is the lowest score - here's my stats

Processor 4.9
Memory 4.5
Graphics 5.9
Gaming graphics 5.5
Primary hard disk 5.8

Overall score - 4.5

So I was under the impression it was the memory that was (to a certain extent) holding the system back

  [email protected] 10:52 26 Apr 2008

quite right, it's the speed of the memory not the amount that attains the score, you should however notice a general increase in overall perfomance.

  Bailey08787 11:00 26 Apr 2008

are there any settings I need to tweak for Vista to take full advantage of the additional memory?

  [email protected] 11:13 26 Apr 2008

as long as it's reading you should be fine, if using readyboost and page file check 'let windows decide' checkbox is ticked some more click here

  Bailey08787 11:26 26 Apr 2008

its a bit weird - i says 41901312 or something like that on boot up, indicating 4gb

control panel>system says 4gb

sisoft sandra says 3.0gb DDR

and CCleaner lists it as 3gb too

so perhaps not all modules are being recognised / installed correctly

  Bailey08787 11:57 26 Apr 2008

i thought it was 4gb with Vista SP1

  [email protected] 12:22 26 Apr 2008

no it now reports 4 gb but only actually uses 3/ 3.25, is you look task manager>> perforamance.
you can try the following click here

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