no output building new PC

  gul 13:36 01 Mar 2006

i have just built a pc, but it wont boot up, when i turn it on the cooling fans just rotate, no beeps, nothing on the monitor,have tried different memory sticks, even disconnected all the drives, still nothing, have also tried another graphics card and tested the monitor on another macine, could it be a faulty motherboard or CPU?
Can anybody help urgently

  daxian 13:44 01 Mar 2006

hi .....
a lot will depend on what motherboard and cpu ,if you can supply the details .....Dave.

  mad1234 14:04 01 Mar 2006

have had a similar problem before. I discovered that i had the little cables for the front of the pc in the wrongway round

  Mr Beeline 18:20 01 Mar 2006

Just a stab in the dark. But if your mobo requires a separate 4 pin power connection (as well as the standard 20 pin) have you got it plugged in? and if you have, make sure it's not the extra 4 pin connector that's meant to make the 20 pin into a 24 pin. Sounds daft I know, but seen this done (or rather not done) a fair few times.

Anyone else?

PS. Though as per daxian's suggestion, more details might help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:23 01 Mar 2006

Most common mistake is the 4 pin plug from PSU to mother board not pluggged in, therefore no power to CPU.

could also be motherboard shorting to case on one of the risers.

remove bard from case and power up while on insulated surface (newspaper)
only have minimum plugged in CPU, 1 memory stick, graphics card, should then boot to error messages missing op system or Hard drve error.

  Mr Beeline 18:24 01 Mar 2006


Interesting. As the power/reset and the speaker don't matter which way round you plug them in and if either of the LEDs is in the wrong way round, then they usualy just stay lit. Emmm... though not sure quite what would happen if you plugged them in the wrong pins entirely. PC's... great toyz when they work.

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