No OS detected on computer. How to install linux?

  notenoughred 11:04 25 Sep 2018

It's not exactly my computer, and it seems to be an amalgamation of other components. When the computer reboots though, it says lenovo on the startup screen, and the computer tower says ThinkCentre. And the specs used to be an intel i5 core, 4gb of ram. And it used to have Windows10 (but not anymore, obviously.)

It opens into BIOS though, not UEFI, so I assume that it's an older system.

I put linux onto a pen drive (and I could share what's on the usb if it's of any use, or in case I put it on the pen drive wrong?) and the pen drive has NTFS on it.

Anyway, how do I get the computer to boot from this USB? I'm having difficulty getting it to work.

Or is this just a hardware issue and the computer's entirely hopeless.

  Jollyjohn 12:54 25 Sep 2018

Lenovo Thinkcentre computers are a reasonable brand / specification. It should comfortably run Linux. Here is a guide to creating a Bootable USB stick - click here Personally I use cd / dvd as you can just drag and drop the iso file onto a cd / dvd and it is bootable. To boot from USB (or cd /dvd) watch screen carefully and there may be a message PressF12 for boot options, or similar. This will boot one time from USB or cd. Alternatively go into the BIOS and look for boot options, set the order - Removable device, cd/dvd, Hard drive.

  wee eddie 13:04 25 Sep 2018

It may have a Recovery Partition on the Hard Drive

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