No OS CD with New Laptop

  Wasted 12:04 03 Mar 2004

Having just bought a new laptop from PCWorld and checking all the CDs, there is a recovery CD but no XP Home CD. The XP reg no is on the bottom of the laptop, but that is no good if after the warranty period the hard drive crashes or needs reformating. Question is do they(PCWorld or the PC Manufacturer) have to provide a copy of XP home seen as I have paid for that reg no as provided on the laptop as I don't see why I should have to by XP Home when I have already paid for it in the price of the Laptop.

  [email protected]@m 12:07 03 Mar 2004

The recovery data is on the hard drive these days. They will provide an installation CD for about £50.

  ventanas 12:10 03 Mar 2004

The recovery disc is all you will get. It will restore your machine to as it was when you bought it. Not satisfactory, but you can reinstall XP (although you will lose everything on the machine. They do not have to supply a full XP disc.

Unless it's like those from Evesham. State recovery disc but are in fact a full XP CD.

This is something that is always worth checking on before buying a PC.

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