no operating system found??

  aj316 10:23 12 Oct 2003

i recently put a cd-rom drive in my pc, i coneected it all up fine, but when i start my pc it comes up "no operating system found". also the drive only has power is u only have the power lead in, if u have all three it does not have power, ive taken the drive out aswell the the same essage still appers. pleas please HELP

  bremner 10:28 12 Oct 2003

It would appear you have disconnected the hard drive in some way.

I would disconnect the CD and ensure that the IDE cable for the hard drive is seated properly at both ends.

Once this is correct have another go with the CD drive.

  Jester2K II 10:38 12 Oct 2003

also the drive only has power is u only have the power lead in, if u have all three it does not have power

Can you explain this bit clearly please.

Check all connections and start again as Bremner says.

  aj316 10:51 12 Oct 2003

ok, with the IDE cable i have one end in the motherboard, the middle empty and the end in the hard drive, if i have that windows loads fine, but if i put the cd drive in the middle IDE cable, no operating system found appears. how can it work fine, but as soon as i ad the cd drive it all goes wrong. pleas please help again

  mark500 11:12 12 Oct 2003

Are they both set to master on the jumpers?

  mark500 11:13 12 Oct 2003

Try again :-( If they are then this could be the cause. I did this by mistake when adding my DVD-R drive.

  pj123 11:14 12 Oct 2003

Have you set the jumpers on the CD Drive to make it a slave? You might also have to go into the BIOS to detect the new drive.

  aj316 11:19 12 Oct 2003

i hav no idea what that means, slave??? what should they be and how do i do this? and what does mark500 mean ??

  bremner 11:29 12 Oct 2003

If you have a seond IDE cable you would be better putting the CD on the second IDE channel.

If you have no lead then you must set the CD to slave.

This is a jumper setting on the rear of the CD. There is normally a sticker on top the CD showing the configuration for master and slave.

  Morpheus© 11:32 12 Oct 2003

if you do not know which pins to jump to make it a slave, the drive makers web site will tell you, one has to be made a master drive and one a slave drive..

  kingkenny 11:33 12 Oct 2003

you really shouldn't have a optical drive connected on the same channel as an HDD as the optical drive will slow down the HDD. do you have a secondary IDE channel as others have mentioned?

I remember in my BIOS i had the option of picking the boot order of my drives. have you checked BIOS settings?

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