No OPEN after 3 hrs.

  tnelis 13:16 06 Feb 2007


How can I fix this please? :

After using my pc for approx 3 hours... programs won't open.

Any program in use continues to run ok, but if I double click on an icon on the desktop it refuses to open.
I then have to reboot to continue.

I use Windows xp home
F-secure virus checker.
Crap cleaner
HiJack This

  jimv7 13:31 06 Feb 2007

Not enough ram,

hard drive full,

need to defrag,

some suggestions for you.

  Totally-braindead 13:39 06 Feb 2007

Another possability overheating. Check all fans are ok, clean out dust. Also could be a corrupt file in windows run system file checker click here

  tnelis 16:54 01 Mar 2007

I'm still having this it possible that my ram is "clogging up" after the few hours and causing this?
If so please someone give me a step by step way of sorting it out....many thanks.

  Alan H E 17:46 01 Mar 2007

How much ram & what size hard disk?

  tnelis 18:49 01 Mar 2007

1 gig ram
160 gig hard disk
63 gig used


  Wak 20:08 01 Mar 2007

If you are still having problems go to click here then Download/System and download the program called MAXMEM.
You will then be able free your Ram memory as required.

  woodchip 20:25 01 Mar 2007

Check Event viewer to see if it shows errors

  tnelis 13:07 03 Mar 2007

ok wak, I'm using maxmen, and it is helping a bit...but my system is still struggling...maxmen says my free memory is approx 50% going up to 60% when I use the free-up button on maxmem....any other ways to inprove things please?

  tnelis 13:08 03 Mar 2007

woodchip, how do i see Event Viewer? thanks.

  Wak 14:42 03 Mar 2007

If you have 1GB of Ram and 60% of it is free and you still have trouble then I think your problems lie elsewhere as suggested by others.
I.E. Heat? Hardware? Wiring?
Faulty (over-heated)P.S.U. ?? Just a thought!

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