No net connection after reinstall

  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:20 24 Mar 2005


I have recently had to reinstall XP pro, but now cannot connect to the internet.

I don't really know what info to give to help people to help me but here goes:

ISP is telewest; cable modem connected via ethernet; same modem and ethernet cable work on my laptop.

In device manager I have a USB controller listed under other devices for which there are no drivers - according to device manager this is the only hardware problem. But all my USB ports work fine (can this be related to my problem??) I expected to see an ethernet controller under network adaptors but there is not one there, what I do have is 1394 Net adaptor, Accton wireless PCI card and Nvidia nForce MCP networking controller.

I am assuming that this is a hardware problem inside the PC as the laptop works fine with the modem etc.

I recently had a pretty major problem with a (temporarily) busted CPU could this have caused something else to fail?

I briefly caught a glimpse of an ethernet controller in one of those little "found new hardware" balloons that come up at the bottom of the screen - add hardware wizard does not find it.

May be important to point out that I am using a different version of XP than was originally installed.

If I have not given enough/the right info, please let me know.



  great1 21:32 24 Mar 2005

could it be that your usb is usb2 if so install service pack 1 or 2 as usb2 driver is on this disk

  great1 21:36 24 Mar 2005

have you tried to unplug then re connect your cable modem?

  Legolas 21:37 24 Mar 2005

If I reinstall XP and get no connection I disconnect all connections from my modem Power Ethernet and cable and leave for a few minutes I then reconnect and this normally solves the problem.

  Legolas 21:38 24 Mar 2005


  great1 21:38 24 Mar 2005

ethernet controller driver should be disk that came with your motherboard

  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:39 24 Mar 2005

my laptop, will it be stored somewhere so I can transfer it to my desktop?



  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:44 24 Mar 2005

I ave tried unplugging everything from the modem.



  great1 21:48 24 Mar 2005

did you unplug the power supply to the modem? if not try that

  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:51 24 Mar 2005

still no joy!

I'm convinced I've blown something inside my PC :(


  great1 21:55 24 Mar 2005

is your ethernet connection an on board or pci card

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