No 'my computer', 'my documents' & 'control panel'

  kjecom 19:09 16 Dec 2004

All of a sudden at 4.00pm on Wednesday (15/12/04) I went to double click on the MY COMPUTER icon and the cursor went into the egg timer for ages and done nothing after that. The START button jammed and all I could do was reboot. I done the same with the MY DOCUMENTS icon, again the cursor turned into the egg timer. I couldn't do a thing, not even open it or open the CONTROL PANEL. All I could do was reboot the pc again and again. I can access OUTLOOK and IE etc but the icons mentioned above won't do diddly squat! Has AOL done this to me? Norton pro and Spybot don't find anything wrong and all the REGISTRY cleaners I've used say there is loads of errors but want me to pay for it to repair but I'm convinced that these cleaners deliberately say there are problems to scare you. Can anyone please help me? Thanks

  VoG II 19:14 16 Dec 2004

Which version of Windows?

If it is XP, RegscrubXP click here is a good registry cleaner. But first, have you tried System Restore?

  Jak_1 20:30 16 Dec 2004

Good advice, take System Restore back 2 days before the prob started and all should be fine. If you only take it back to the day previous it may be that the system snapshot was taken after the corruption occured.

  kjecom 19:19 17 Dec 2004

Thank you to you guys for being kind enough to answer my problem, I didn't expect anyone to answer so quickly!!! I have XP/SP2 and it wont restore to any date at all as I tried it before I went to this forum.
I have the max amount avaible to restore so thats not a problem, I have restore switched on, I haven't d/loaded anything dodgy either, it was fine at 3.50pm then went belly up at 4.00pm. I swear I have an obvious registry fault, is there anything on the net that can sort it without me re-formatting?

Thanks to you

  Graham ® 19:24 17 Dec 2004

System File Checker would seem a good idea next, stop all this talk of reformat 'til the last resort!

Start, Run, 'sfc /scannow' OK.

  kjecom 20:12 17 Dec 2004

Graham, what do I do after that?

  Graham ® 09:51 18 Dec 2004

I take it nothing was found by SFC? Try System Restore using Command Prompt:

click here

  kjecom 10:33 18 Dec 2004

Sorry Graham, I didn't explain too well, the PC that has the problem is at my work so I won't be able to try it till Monday. I just wondered what I do after running 'scannow' but I guess "nothing" is the answer until I run it.

I will let you know the outcome.



  Graham ® 10:43 18 Dec 2004

If SFC runs and nothing is displayed, it hasn't found any corrupt files. If it stops and asks for a disc, it has.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:50 18 Dec 2004

click here and regseeker from click here download them and delete all that they find.


  kjecom 17:08 18 Dec 2004

you lot are well kind to respond to me..........cheers to all of you

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