No M/Soft updates since SP2, is this thru?

  Dorsai 18:23 13 Dec 2004

since installing SP2 about 8 weeks ago i have not found any updates for XP home.

This seems a bit odd, as i used to get at least one a week before.

I cant believe that SP2 has fixed everything, so is it just me, of is this really the case & no updates have been issued.

My system is set up to tell me of update, but not install them, so it is not as if any have been installed without me knowing, and checking the backup folders created in the windows folder shows none since SP2.

  ACOLYTE 18:27 13 Dec 2004

i think when i ugrade to sp2 there was 2 dloads from windows update,and 1 was wmp 10,you can still look thru the updates on windows updates it just doesnt show if there are no critical ones
but the option ones are still there in custom updates.

  Dorsai 18:48 13 Dec 2004

I did see the one for WMP 10, but as i dont use WMP, just clicked 'ignore'.

I was thinking more of the critical security related ones, not the optional bits and bobs.

But at least knowing that i am not alone does mean it is not a problem with *my system* not detecting critical updates, when they are avaliable.

  powerless 19:06 13 Dec 2004
  Buchan 35 19:20 13 Dec 2004

I had one soon after I used the PCA disc to download SP2 but I cannot find any record of it on my computer, and worse than that, I would`nt have downloaded if it was not critical, and I cannot remember what iot was about. I`m certain there was one download

  ACOLYTE 19:23 13 Dec 2004

There was one KB,834707 for sp2 since then i dont believe there has been any critical ones,and if installed should be in add/remove tick show updates.

  Dorsai 19:43 13 Dec 2004

Thats Ok then. As long as there have not been any.

I was just worried that they were there, and for some obscure reason i had not been getting them.

Will tick as resolved.

  BurrWalnut 19:48 13 Dec 2004

I predict that an update is on its way soon.

  Valvegrid 19:50 13 Dec 2004


  powerless 20:09 13 Dec 2004

Probably but then again who knows?

XP may get Rollup updates, Service Pack 3 well give them time they just did 2 ;-)

  ACOLYTE 20:26 13 Dec 2004

sp3 is for winows 2000 server i think.

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