No Msconfig- maybe Spyware?

  buel 09:25 21 Feb 2011

Hi, a friend at work has said he cant find msconfig by typing it into 'run'. I've Googled it+one answer says it could be caused by Spyware? I gave him SuperAntispyware but he never used it as he says he has Norton 2010 'that has antispyware with it'?
Does it? Could this msconfif problem be caused by Spyware?

  gengiscant 09:44 21 Feb 2011

Yes it could be caused by spyware.
He could also try this:
Try sfc /scannow, put the XP cd in the drive, start>run then type sfc /scannow (note the space between sfc and the /)

This will correct corrupt and missing system files.

  johndrew 09:52 21 Feb 2011

No single antispyware software will find all 'nasties'.

If he is wise he will run SuperAntispyware (fully updated) and maybe another besides (Spybot S&D/Spyware Terminator) at least to check for anything on his PC.

If he does find any malware he should not only remove it but also clear his System Restore as it can 'hide' here and reinfect.

I have never heard of msconfig only being affected but that doesn't mean it can't be. I would suggest the first check - after running the above - should be sfc/ scannow (note the space) click here to check for damaged files.

  buel 09:59 21 Feb 2011

Thank you, i'll pass it on.
What do you think about his Norton 2010 having anti-spyware? Does this mean he doesn't need SuperAntispyware?

  birdface 10:16 21 Feb 2011

No Norton or any other security suite will not stop everything so you need a good anti-malware program as well.
Malwarebytes is ideal for finding problems.
Update and run the free version.
click here

  buel 12:03 21 Feb 2011

Thank you all! Oddly enough i gave him a DVD 6 months ago with SuperAntiSpyware AND Malwarebytes on but he chose not to install them.

  Confab 12:11 21 Feb 2011

What OS is your friend using?

  nikos777 14:29 21 Feb 2011

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  Terry Brown 14:58 21 Feb 2011


If you use sfc/scannow without the system disk, you can do more harm that good.


  dororof 15:22 21 Feb 2011

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  buel 06:01 22 Feb 2011

Confab, he is using XP.
Thank you.

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