No motherboard bleep

  lantrill 18:59 29 Oct 2005

Hi all.

I bought a new video card and stick of RAM for my pc today. I replaced a Radeon 9200 with a Ge force 6600GT and added a 512mb PC2700 memory stick (2x256mb already in place).

When I booted up there was no mb bleep, all fans spun up and the hard disk light was constantly on.

I removed the new memory and video card but the problem persists even though everything is as it was before.

PSU is rated at 360 watts which is apparently enough for the new card.

Thanks in advance for any advice, although I have a horrible feeling ive killed the motherboard.

  woodchip 19:02 29 Oct 2005

I would say that the new Video card as drawn too much current from the PSU probably a Small Watt one, So looks like you need a bigger and better PSU

  PaulB2005 19:03 29 Oct 2005

"I removed the new memory and video card but the problem persists even though everything is as it was before."

Probably not the PSU.

Have you dislodged anything?

Did you ground yourself before touching inside the PC?

Check all the connections again.

  lantrill 19:08 29 Oct 2005

I've reseated everything several times, but doesnt the mb bleep before it checks everything connected to it anyway ?

I touched the casing to ground before handling anything, I've replaced a fair few components over the years, never had anything like this happen.

Is it possible that the card damaged the PSU in some way if it wasnt powerful enough to handle it ?

  woodchip 19:13 29 Oct 2005

The motherboard Beep tell you that %volts is OK, this what is used most by PC as you are not getting the Beep start first by trying a New PSU as this is the easy solution

  PaulB2005 19:16 29 Oct 2005

Not necessarily. If something is wrong, such as there being no memory, no graphics card or some other fault then the number of beeps indicates whats wrong.

The single beep indicates the BIOS has detected all necessary components to start are connected and it'll proceed. Nothing to do with voltages.

  woodchip 19:19 29 Oct 2005

One Beeps is for 5Volts More is for Memory or Graphics None means No 5Volts. This is Not Guesswork, Or a Guessing Game

  lantrill 19:24 29 Oct 2005

If there is less than 5 volts from the psu , is this enought to light up the motherboard and GPU lights, as well as spin up the fans ?

  woodchip 19:34 29 Oct 2005

GPU lights, mean nothing. It's only a Led It needs good supply to drive graphics Mobo CPU an Hard Drive etc all these depend on the supply coping with is not just a few little things like lights and fans

  woodchip 19:36 29 Oct 2005

If you have a Multi-Tester You can back prob the ATX power plug for volts Red Wires 5 Volts

  lantrill 19:39 29 Oct 2005

ok thanks for the help, sorry to keep asking but I just want to be sure before I go and buy a new PSU tommorow, I already broke the bank on the card :/

what I think you are saying is that the new card overloaded the PSU and burnt part of it out so even with things put back like they were before its never going to work.

is that about right ?

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