No Monitor At Warm Boot

  Andy 16:25 08 Nov 2003

My system is based on a Athlon 2000 with 512MB ram and Windows XP.

If I turn my PC off but leave the mains on for any length of time say 2 hours then when I turn the PC on the monitor does on switch on but remains on standby.

I have to turn the mains socket off for 10 mins then all is OK. Turning the Monitor off then on again makes no difference.

Any ideas!

  Gongoozler 17:08 08 Nov 2003

Andy, I don't have any knowledge of XP (I'm still using 98se), but the difference between switching the mains off and leaving it connected is that while the mains is connected the 5V standby is still applied to the motherboard, so I suspect that there is a jumper controlled option that is giving the problem. This is probably something like a wake-up option (e.g. USB, keyboard, LAN). You need to look at the motherboard manual to see what options you have available.

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