No Monitor Display After CPU Fan Installation

  IRISKS 14:47 20 Jun 2018

So I recently installed a new cooler onto a friend's CPU, and all of a sudden there is no signal on the computers display.

The video card's fan is spinning as it should be, as the six pin is connected to it. The new cooler is also powered and the fan for that is also spinning. There is no beeping to indicate loose components.

Things to note:

  • Being the complete idiot I am, I forgot to remove the plastic on the cooler and the thermal paste, as I was trying to rush things too much. The cpu, as you would imagine, overheated and pc shut down. I then repeated the cooler with the plastic removed and paste applied correctly.

  • I have tried connecting this PC to my own monitor, using my own HDMI lead, which both do definitely work. No result. So I'm thinking it is not the wires nor is it his monitor that is the problem, and instead it is something internal, but I can't figure out what the problem is.

  • I have plugged the HDMI into both the on-board and video card slots.

  • The motherboard only has one Video card so I couldn't try another one.

  • The video card I believe is a R7 260X 1GB Sapphire model.

  • The CPU is an A8-6600k AMD.

  • The new cooler is a masterair G100M.

  • His monitor was connected to his PC via DVI cable.

Any help will be greatly appreciated it's getting to the point where I'm running out of options. I havent provided many details about the components as im not sure what most of them are. The main point to note is that before, the components were indeed working, so there can't have been a comptatibility errot before. Thank you.

  wee eddie 18:39 20 Jun 2018

If you ran the CPU for more than a few seconds without suitable cooling, there's a very strong chance that you have fried it

  wiganken2 19:12 20 Jun 2018

You say "I have plugged the HDMI into both the on-board and video card slots." When you plugged into the onboard slot did you first remove the video card? I believe a video card switches off the on-board so, if you left the card in, then the on-board won't work.

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