No longer with AOL,but can I get emails?

  Chegs ® 14:03 30 Aug 2005

I have switched from AOL dialup to Tiscali BB.Do I have to visit every single signup site I joined using the AOL addy and change it to my Tiscali addy,or can I cfg OE to receive these mails?

If I can use OE to get these mails,how do I do it?

  Terry Brown 14:24 30 Aug 2005

Unfortunatly AOL uses it's own mail /Internet system, which is very hard to shift. The only real option I found ws to save my curent programs (data-assuming you have all the necessary install disks), format the system and start rom scratch.

  Jackcoms 14:57 30 Aug 2005

If I understand your question correctly, you are asking if you can still access your AOL e-mails now that you are no longer a customer.

I believe the answer is no. You are no longer subscribing to AOL, thus they will no longer give you access to their servers.

The second part of your question concerns your new e-mail address with Tiscali. Here I believe the answer is yes. In effective you have to inform all of your contacts, friends, enemies, banks and anyone else who used your AOL address and let them know your new Tiscali address.

To set up your Tiscali address using OE click here

  john-232317 15:04 30 Aug 2005

Not sure but try this click here

  Chegs ® 16:10 30 Aug 2005

I have already got OE setup to receive Tiscali/Eclipse/Pipex from my previous ISP's,but was rather peeved to find my Ebay accounts on these addys have been closed(due to lack of use)but right after I had purchased an item this morning was wondering why I hadn't received the Ebay notifications until I realised I had used my old AOL addy to buy it! I went to try and update the email addy,only they want my Credit Card details(for identification)and I don't possess a card or even a bank account.I will have to wait until I can scrounge a card from a mate,to change my email addy at Ebay but other sites will have to await my need to use them again before I opt to change those addys too.

I had a fair idea that AOL was no longer accessible,as my account was closed within three days of my request and I couldn't even receive these emails using AOL software still on my PC,so I deleted all mention of AOL and its irritating RealPlayer. :-)

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