No laptop disk space - using dropbox

  Rascacielossoton 23:18 13 Oct 2016

I've recently tried to save a file which I was editing. It is normally saved directly into my dropbox folder on my computer. On trying to save, I got an error message saying that 'the save failed due to out of memory or disk space'. I hadn't realised that files I was saving into dropbox were also saving onto my computer's hard drive (technophobe!) - so I changed my sync preferences so that photos I had saved in dropbox and some large PDF books were saved just onto dropbox and didn't sync with my computer. I've uninstalled and reinstalled dropbox to check these changes have taken place - they have, I've now just got my Notability dropbox folder synced with my laptop which is where I save most of my documents and ipad notability documents. I'm sure the overall storage must have reduced massively by virtue of removing all of my photos synced to my laptop via dropbox. However I've just tried to save the file again (it's only a 10 page word document!) and still no joy. I need help asap because not being able to save documents is going to make life tricky quite quickly!! Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? And if not, then at least suggestions as to where else I can save files for the time being? Thanks a lot! :)

  xania 10:01 14 Oct 2016

Have you emptied your Recycle bin?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:02 14 Oct 2016

Look in wexplore and see how much room you have on your drives

Maybe C drive has filled up and you need to move stuff to another drive (if you have one), or set up User folders to another drive

  GaT7 14:09 14 Oct 2016

You can run the inbuilt Disk Cleanup tool (in Windows) & also use the feature there to delete previous restore points in the process - this should free up quite a bit for the time being. Also, clean out all Temp folders & Windows Updates folder (in Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download) - not the folders themselves, but only their contents of course.

You didn't mention your OS (operating system), so not able at present to give more specific advice on how to do the above. You could start with a free version of a program that'll do some of the cleaning for you: CCleaner.

I prefer manual cleaning so I can have full control & knowledge of exactly what I'm deleting & can do a much more thorough job (on MS Windows only as don't have knowledge of doing this on a Mac).

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