no keyboards work on my pc

  Rodrigo Pinto 19:33 26 Mar 2017

I have a desktop pc with a usb connected keyboard that suddenly stopped working over night. I went and used another keyboard and the same thing happened, it doesn't work on this computer. I then tried both of them on another computer and they both work. I've reinstalled all the drivers related to the keyboard and updated them. i've troubleshooted the computer and no error pops up. I also want to add that the volume buttons and the lights on it still work so i guess it has nothing to do with the usb port (I've already tried a few). I'd love to get this fixed as soon as possible without having to pay for it.

  Govan1x 23:40 26 Mar 2017

have you had a look at usb devices in device manager to see if any yellow exclamation marks beside any of them.

  Rodrigo Pinto 19:44 27 Mar 2017

govan1x, I did and no yellow exclamation marks appear, ty for the reply anyway.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:27 28 Mar 2017

you will need to uninstall and reinstall again. normal uninstalling of the driver leaves some residue in the registry and its this that may be causing the problem.

Try using something like USBDEView to uninstall the keyboard drivers

then plug in the keyboard and let windows find and reinstall it.

  Rodrigo Pinto 16:26 29 Mar 2017

Fruit Bat /\0/\, it didn't work, ty for the reply.

  putorjuy 03:12 30 Mar 2017

Did the mouse can use in your Desktop? And other USB devices?

  wee eddie 08:57 30 Mar 2017

I know that this is not answering your question but, is there a possibility of using a PS2 Keyboard & Mouse on your PC?

  MJS WARLORD 14:31 02 Apr 2017

you have not said which keyboards you are using ???? i have a corsair straffe and if i use the software ( downloaded from the site ) it does all sorts of odd things. also , it has 2 usb cables and if i use both as recommended it does not work right. i run it with no software and 1 usb.

to pick up on other peoples comments , even if the device manager has no yellow triangle , right click it , do uninstall and restart , it will reload it. ...

if you must use keyboard software run ccleaner on the reg cleaner tab before re installing it.

  putorjuy 04:24 10 Apr 2017

If you connect a usb flash drive to the computer, did it work? We know, we can disable the usb port to detect the external devcies. Of course, many things will not so complex.

If the USB devices cannot recognized, try to view this article: click here it can help you.

From the above article, you can do the next things:

Uninstall and Reinstall USB Drivers

Reinstall Generic USB Hub Driver

Reset USB Root Hub Power Management

Disable USB Selective Suspend Settings

Update Motherboard Chipset Drivers


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