No ISDN devices were found

  pj123 17:00 20 Jan 2005

Just been to a friend who says that everytime they boot their computer they get:

"No ISDN Devices were found. Please install an ISDN device and run the configuration wizard again"

I can't see any reason for it, clicking on OK closes the window and the computer works perfectly.

She is on a dialup connection on analogue modem, working OK. There is no LAN/Ethernet card in the computer.

It is an Athlon XP 2000, 128mb ram running Win 98SE.

Any ideas please?

  alan227 17:03 20 Jan 2005

Take a look.
click here;EN-US;q192005

  pj123 17:27 20 Jan 2005

alan227, Thanks for the link but not a lot of help.

This error message can occur if you are using an external ISDN device. The ISDN Configuration wizard included with Windows 98 works only with internal ISDN devices."

There are no ISDN devices (internal or external) on this computer.

  FelixTCat 17:35 20 Jan 2005

Your friend has a program or a driver which loads at start-up and expects to find an ISDN device. It puts up that message when it doesn't find such a device. Run msconfig and look at what runs at start-up. It may be that at some time an ISDN modem was attached

  pj123 13:48 21 Jan 2005

FelixTCat, can't see anything in msconfig that would suggest an ISDN device needs loading.

Her computer is exactly the same spec as mine, (except mine has now got 256mb memory) both built (by me) at the same time.

  pj123 14:41 27 Mar 2005

Sorry all. Don't know how I missed this one as resolved. She has now gone to BB via USB sot the problem doesn't arise anymore.

Will tick.

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