No Interrupt Assigned to Graphics Card

  BlitZace 18:12 04 Jun 2003

I feel like such a pain asking all these questions to do with my graphics card, but I've never been too experienced with using them before, and feel like I need to know a little more about what I'm doing :) The thing is... I ran SANDRA earlier and used the Performance Tune Up Wizard and noticed something.

It reported that "The video card does not have an interrupt assigned. All modern video cards need an interrupt. Even older PCI video cards work faster if an interrupt is used."

It gave me the advice of "Go to BIOS Setup\Settings\PCI & AGP Devices and set Assign IRQ to video card to yes. You may also try setting First Video Adapter setting to AGP. Some video cards may need to be configured to use an interrupt, either through an utility or a jumper."

The thing is, I have no idea how to even do this. Or what it actually means. Is it right that my Graphics card shouldn't have an interrupt assigned? It's a Radeon 9800 Pro btw. Any help with this would be most welcome. - JT

  spikeychris 19:22 04 Jun 2003

What part do you not understand? is it how to get into the BIOS? if it is then whilst your machine is booting up-watch for a "hit such a key to enter setup" If you can't see it then turn off and whilst its booting up again hold the Esc and Ctrl key and the Delete key at the same time. If this fails try them one at a time. If this fails then try holding down the F (function keys) one at a time until you enter setup.

IRQ is a physical electrical connection and is needed to run sound-cards etc.

Once in the BIOS you will not have a mouse so you will need to use your home and end keys as well as the up and down. follow the instructions you have received only if you are having problems, these so called tune ups can cause more grief then then solve.


  Joe McG 19:46 04 Jun 2003


does your gfx card run O.K.

If yes I wouldn't bother about what sandra says.
If you look at a few posts on the subject of this utility, you will find that at best, it can be a bit of a hit and miss.

  Colin 20:00 04 Jun 2003

I have the same graphics card and get the same message with Sandra. I don't have the option to do what it suggests in my BIOS, ASUS P4PE. Do as Joe McG says and ignore it. My card runs like a rocket.

  BlitZace 20:07 04 Jun 2003

Thanks for the advice. I've always been very open to believing everything these programs tell you. And yeah, it does run fine really. Only a few games actually stress the Graphics Card, and this is because I push the detail fairly high. Thanks again - JT

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