No Internet / Network Access via Ethernet Cables

  CaitlinD 11:08 19 Feb 2019

All of the computers within the business I work for are having (or have had, this is an on going issue) with connecting to the internet via an Ethernet cable or via Wifi. We predominantly use Ethernet cables. It either says no internet access, or no network access. All the drivers are up to date and we have repeatedly restarted the router. I have attempted to plug in the Ethernet cables to different ports and this does not work either. Suggestions? Thanks

  difarn 13:40 19 Feb 2019

I'm wondering if it is a case that your PCs are not set to to obtain an IP address and DNS server automatically?

You don't say whch version of Windows you are using but for windows 7 you

Click on start, control panel, network and internet, network and sharing centre, left hand column change adapter settings, right-click on local area connection and click on Properties, in the new indow choose Internet protocol 4 from the list and click on properties, check to see if obtain an IP address automatically obtain dns server address automatically are selected. Click OK.

If you are using another version of windows you can google how to do the same thing.

  BT 17:34 19 Feb 2019

If you are using an ethernet cable you would normally need to turn off the WiFi on that machine and Vice versa

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