No internet on my Youview box

  ponytail 14:35 24 Nov 2018

Was not sure where to put this post so apologies if it is in the wrong place.

For some reason there appears to be no internet connection on my Youview box and I am struggling to find the solution.There is a ethernet cable connecting the router to what I think is a pairing plug and another ethernet cable connecting the box to another pairing plug.There are two yellow lights flashing on the plug connected to the router but the lights on the plug connected to the box are not lit.The TV has a internet connection.I can use the box to watch TV but have no access to any provider is Plusnet and the box is one when I was with Talktalk and has always worked fine.I did take the ethernat cable out of the plug connected to the box and the lights were on before I removed the cable.If you need anymore info please ask.Thanks

  difarn 14:03 29 Nov 2018

Have you....

Connected your arial to the arial in port on your box? Connected the HDMI cable from the HDMI port on the back of your tv to the HDMI port on your box? Connected the ethernet cable from the back of your box to the ethernet port on your tv?

I assume you are using home plugs to extend the signal from the router. It may be that you need to re-pair the plugs. To do that take out the ethernet cables, plug in the plugs, preferably as near to each other as possible, press the pairing button on one plug for about 2 seconds and lights should flash, press the pairing button the other and hold again for about 2 seconds and the lights should flash you need to pair the second plug within about a minute. The lights on both plugs should remain steady. When you have done that try setting up via the ethernet cables again.

  med220 17:44 29 Nov 2018

click here To do that take out the ethernet cables, plug in the plugs, preferably as near to each other as po

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  lotvic 17:49 29 Nov 2018

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