No internet on my Wi-Fi network?

  simon_lambert 15:46 03 Apr 2007

I have just bought a new router (as the old one was faulty) and I can't get this one to pick up ASL or INTERNET.

I have a Linksys WUSB54GS Wireless Adaptor
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and a Linksys WAG54GS Router with Built in Modem
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No, i'm not using the old modem. I have a microfilter pluged into the phone line, with a phone and an extension cable coming from that.

Then on the end of the extension cable I have another filter with another phone and then the jack going into the modem, I also have a larger jack plugged into the modem going into the back of the PC plug with a network picture above it. And the modem also has the power cable in the back of it, so I cant work out why it keeps switching itself off. Am I missing a cable out? because each time it switches itself off it says a network cable is unplugged.

If anyone could troubleshoot this with me I would be very grateful. Thanks, Si

  Colditz 16:42 03 Apr 2007

When you say extension could you be more specific.
i.e. is your router stationed near your main phone socket and an ethernet cable extending to your pc from there.Here are some pics to help.

click here

click here

click here

  Colditz 16:43 03 Apr 2007

By ethernet i mean lan as shown in picture.

  Ashrich 23:16 03 Apr 2007

Too many filters in the line , if you have one on the main socket then another on the extension then that is one too many , the extension is being filtered twice . Try removing everything except the WAG54GS no micro filter at the main socket , no phones connected and a filter at the end of the extension , connect the modem cable to the filter , plug the modem/router into the mains and switch on , wait for all the lights on the modem/router to stop flashing and stay steady , attach the cat5 (Ethernet ) cable to the router and the PC and turn on the PC . Do not use the USB adapter as you are already connected via Ethernet . Do you get all the lights steady , when the PC is booted can you now access the Internet , have you set up the router properly , via it's IP address in Explorer ? Try these to be getting on with .


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