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  slydog 21:21 27 Jun 2003

Hi All
Ive got a couple of PC's one running XP with no Modem the other which I use as my internet PC running Win 98, both are linked via a crossover cable. No trouble with file/drive sharing but would on occassions like to link the XP PC to the net(for instance to run directX 9.0a setup which requires an internet connection). However despite running XP's own network setup facility (via a floppy on the 98 PC) and trying various other of the network set up options, I cannot find the right way to set up the PC's to allow the XP PC to connect to thei nternet via the 98 PC. Can anyone shed any light on this I,m sure I'm missing somthing obvious but Ive been trying fot a couple of weeks now (not continuously of course) and so far muffed it totally. By the way I have tried disabling the firewalls on both PC,s



  slydog 00:38 28 Jun 2003

H,mm Busy night did attract an advert tho. How do they do that? looks like I'll have to get a modem and do it the simple way and connect direct. But sureley htere must be a way!!!

  jazzypop 00:46 28 Jun 2003

You just need to setup ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on thw W98 PC, make the floppy at the end of the ICS Wizard, and run that on the XP PC.

See click here and click here for step-by step guides.

If your firewall(s) are Zonealarm, try completely uninstalling them, get ICS working, then reinstall - see click here

Remember that XP has a built-in firewall that may need to be disabled - advice is in XP's Help file

  slydog 01:20 01 Jul 2003

Many thanks for the links Jazzypop. Looks like it would be fairly easy if I were running 98SE or ME. Unfortunately I'm running bog standard Win98 which does'nt seem to be covered by the applications suggested here. I've had a bit of a nosey around to see if there is a way of manually setting TCP/IP Settings in 98 but I haven't found the neccessary settings. Ive got a copy of ME around here somewhere that was on another PC and could update to that, it's an OEM copy tho so I'd have to wipe out windoz and start again. Sounds like a lot of hassle to avoid slapping a modem in my XP PC. DOH!

  jazzypop 19:56 01 Jul 2003

You are quite right, of course. W98 does not come with ICS installed (although it can be made to share a modem by using a 3rd-party 'proxy' software, but I would not recommend this route for the inexperienced or faint-hearted).

Personally, I would take the modem from the W98 PC and place it in the XP PC. If you run ICS from the XP PC, and it is connected to the Web (in your case, via a modem), then it will happily act as a gateway to an W98, W98se, WinME etc PC. Just type ICS into XP's Help system for full instructions.

If you have an older modem, and cannot obtain XP drivers for it, a decent internal modem will cost less than £15.

My apologies for the sloppy answer I first gave, confusing W98 with W98se.

  slydog 23:45 01 Jul 2003

Not at all jazzypop I,m very grateful for your reply. You lives and learns and I now know a lot more than I did last week, thanks to you. A little explanation from me wouldnt go amiss either. Youre right of course this the akward way of doing things but the win98 PC is my old M/C which I use as storage for old, non critical stuff and as the main internet/email PC. There are so much unsolicited software and viruses about that I try to to keep my good fast P/C with all my good/vital stuff, off the web. occassionally however I need to connect it. To be fair the only neccessity for this so far has been trying to load up directX 9.0a which seems to require a web conection to install, but I'm sure there will be others. Hence my attempt to get the two P/C's connected. But you are right Modems are so cheap I might as well pop one into the XP PC and connect up only when absolutely neccessary.
Thanks again for your help.
speak to you soon.

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