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No Internet Connection on XP Desktop

  woodchip 15:27 28 Sep 2013

How do I get to connect with a old Medion Desktop? Modem built into motherboard, Running XP Home in Networking in Control Panel it says this

1394 Net Connection Adapter #2

Network Bridge Mac Miniport

I have set it to connect Automatic.

When I try Repair it says cannot renew IP Address.

It shows it as sending Packets, but not receiving none, I take it that it is a Communication Problem between Router and Modem. On talktalk BB it will connect okay with WiFi Dongle but I now have the router next to PC and would rather it is connected by Ethernet

  bumpkin 20:44 01 Oct 2013

woodchip, I don't know why it should do that, it was working fine on my PC I only took it out as I needed the PCI slot for something else (only got 2) used a USB for the internet. Anyway you have it working now.

  woodchip 22:53 01 Oct 2013

I think the Problem is that you put the card in a RAC Foil Bag this as shorted it out. same way as if you do not use a Earth strap when fitting components. the foil bags that they come in when new are not foil though they look like they are, they are bags made specific for that purpose. so never use normal foil bags for electrical components

  dangerus1 09:45 02 Oct 2013


The next computer fair is at Concord Leisure Centre on Oct 6th if you need anything. That is if I have got the area right. You, Bumpkin and myself seem to live in the saqme general area.

  bumpkin 11:39 02 Oct 2013

dangerus1, " That is if I have got the area right."

Close, just about 180miles North from me:-))

  bumpkin 15:36 02 Oct 2013

Hi woodchip,

What makes you think that I put it in a foil bag, It was in a cardboard box when I posted it' no inner bag. Outer wraping was a standard Jiffy type bag or so I thought. No problem just surprised it did not work.

Do you know what Dangerus1 means by saqme.

  woodchip 18:05 02 Oct 2013

Well it must have been opened as it was in a RAC foil Bag inside the box, and the brown envelop was sealed with Gray Gaffe Tape

  bumpkin 18:33 02 Oct 2013

woodchip, noboby would have opened it, I don't recall putting it in a bag, perhaps I did. Not sure what RAC foil bag is anyway. If that has broken it no matter, Have you a link to a picture or description of a RAC foilbag I thought that these things came in anti static bags. I would like to know so I don't do this again.

  woodchip 21:23 02 Oct 2013

I threw the bag away, When I fitted the Card Windows recognised the Card but it did not recognize the the Drivers on either of the CD's Ir tried it using Add Hardware wizard also. when I ran the setup EXE on the CD for drivers it said it could not find a card, though windows could see it. Strange! the card may still work but could not get to load drivers for it. I may try putting the card in another spare PCI slot so Windows can look for drivers for it on the net. As the old Netgear card does work and windows loaded them from its own Library after I started PC after fitting it

  bumpkin 22:15 02 Oct 2013

woodchip, AHA disposed of the evidence already have you:-) only joking of course. If it dosen't work then so be it, nothing lost in trying.

Regards Bumpkin

  woodchip 09:02 04 Oct 2013

bumpkin Glad I did not throw the card out with the Bag, I did the above so Windows was able to search the net for the correct drivers for it.

I am writing this using the card you sent, so thanks again. comes up as a TRENDnet Teg-PCITXR so I can now remove the old card. Are they the correct drivers you sent as it did not recognize them?

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