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No Internet Connection on XP Desktop

  woodchip 15:27 28 Sep 2013

How do I get to connect with a old Medion Desktop? Modem built into motherboard, Running XP Home in Networking in Control Panel it says this

1394 Net Connection Adapter #2

Network Bridge Mac Miniport

I have set it to connect Automatic.

When I try Repair it says cannot renew IP Address.

It shows it as sending Packets, but not receiving none, I take it that it is a Communication Problem between Router and Modem. On talktalk BB it will connect okay with WiFi Dongle but I now have the router next to PC and would rather it is connected by Ethernet

  bumpkin 22:17 28 Sep 2013

Woodchip it is a Pluscom gigabit LAN card NGP-RTL8169. Not a wireless card it needs a cable connection which I though was what you wanted. Check it out and see if it is what you need.

  woodchip 22:23 28 Sep 2013

Right so N does not apply in this case. Its only for Wireless. you will have to excuse this old silly billy/ so how could I get it?

I have had a look and i do have a free PCI slot

  bumpkin 22:29 28 Sep 2013

woodchip, not silly at all, helped me in the past. If you contact me via the private envelope thing and give me your address I will post it Monday.

  bumpkin 23:12 28 Sep 2013

If you do send a private message please post here to say that you have done so, problems in the past.

  woodchip 15:08 29 Sep 2013

Sent Message Details just now, after switching on Laptop.

Thank's very much for the above. I realise a lot does not like me for my speaking out on some things, as I can be Different to what is common thinking.

Age is starting to have it's effects now on me also

  bumpkin 15:28 29 Sep 2013

" I realise a lot does not like me for my speaking out"

Say what you like, if others don't like it then their problem, we can't all be the same.

I will confirm here when I have your Email.

  bumpkin 16:04 29 Sep 2013

Woodchip, I have your address now and will post it in the morning.

"Tell me what I need to give you to cover costs etc"

The cost is a postage stamp but you can have that on me, I am renowned for my generosity:-))

  woodchip 16:29 29 Sep 2013

Thank you very much, I may be able to help you out one day.

PS I was a Joiner but nearly 40 years working for self. Subbed for MFI fitting Kitchens and Bedrooms plus odd bathroom. Did all Electrical work including Ringmains etc and was Corgi Registered for a time. Repaired Cars and motorcycles over the years including Mig Welding and car Spraying. plus much more got a fund or now how but not much els, body cannot do much nowhere days

  woodchip 13:55 01 Oct 2013

bumpkin Got the Card through the letter box while I was at Tesco's Going to fit it latter as I need to fit a new Frame round the CPU as the one that came with the PC plastic clips broke. I did find an old Netgear 10/1000 and XP installed it but think its a bit out of touch with today's world as it seems to give a delay w3hen clicking on things in web pages. So Thank you very much for sending it, I will post again when I have fitted the Frame and Card

  woodchip 20:17 01 Oct 2013

When I ran the Setup EXE on the CD it says no Network Card Present, So finished up putting the old Netgear card back in. But not to worry as at l;east I can connect using Ethernet cable in Duplex Mode.

Thank you for trying Woodchip

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