No internet connection window 10

  Spr 14:49 16 Apr 2017

My laptop is running Windows 10 home 64-bit My internet connection icon on my laptop shows "Broadband Connector disconnected Wan Miniport (PPPOE) When clicking connect it brings up Settings with different option to use. I have troubleshooting it cannot help. I am not technical minded

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:46 16 Apr 2017

Power off the router and power it back on again and see if it then connects.

  Spr 09:25 17 Apr 2017

Sorry turning off/on my Router has not worked

  Secret-Squirrel 10:00 17 Apr 2017

I think I know what the problem is but first you'll need to tell me who your Internet provider is. If you're able, then let me know too what equipment you're using to connect to the Internet - for example, is it a standard wireless router or perhaps a cable modem?

  Forum Editor 10:19 17 Apr 2017

PPPoE stands for Point-to-point protocol over EthernetT, and the message you're seeing was a common problem, back in the days of Windows XP. The connection is almost certainly doing nothing,and if you connect to the internet via a standard phone line broadband router you can safely ignore it - your connection will use PPPoA (Point-to-Point Protocol over Asynchronous Transfer Mode).

Select that option in your router's options unless you have a fibre-optic cable modem.

  Spr 11:23 17 Apr 2017

My internet provider is Talk Talk router is wireless connection I have tried Ethernet cable still not working

  Secret-Squirrel 12:34 17 Apr 2017

Your problem is probably caused by you inadvertently setting up a dial-up connection. It needs to be removed:

Click the Windows icon (bottom-left), -> Settings (little cog icon) -> Network & Internet -> Dial-up (on the left-hand side). At the top of the page underneath "Dial-up" click once on the connection shown there then click on "Remove". Do the same for any other dial-up connections shown there.

Next, click on "WiFi", make sure it's "On", click "Show available wireless networks" then try to connect to your TalkTalk wireless. If you don't have any luck then click the Windows power icon, choose Restart then try again when Windows restarts.

  Spr 13:39 17 Apr 2017

Fixed Thanks

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