No internet connection in safe mode with network

  hiwatt 12:15 08 Jun 2010

Hi folks.I need to use safe mode with networking to run windows safety scanner(As I'm getting an error using it normally)but I can't connect to the internet.I have my computer connected via a virgin cable modem.I can connect to the internet normally just not in safe mode.I've tried opening both IE and firefox but none of them get a connection.Does anyone know what the problem could be?

  hiwatt 12:34 08 Jun 2010

I'm trying to do a scan with an online scanner so I need to use safe mode with networking.Malwarebytes doesn't detect anything but apparently the windows online safety scanner has been picking things up that other have missed and the error I'm receiving apparently could be virus related so I'd really like to get it sorted.Thanks.

  hiwatt 13:03 08 Jun 2010

Yes all lights on and tried the repair connection thanks.

  hiwatt 14:17 08 Jun 2010

My problem is that I can't get an internet connection at all when using safe mode with networking?Thanks.

  hiwatt 16:01 08 Jun 2010

I have tried a quick scan with malwarebytes and superantispyware in safe mode and the both came up clean.Also tried turning the modem off/on.Yes I am connected by cable and network connection shows as being connected but when I try and open my browsers they are unable to connect to the internet?

  hiwatt 17:03 08 Jun 2010

It's still really annoying that I can't use safe mode with networking and I really would like to give the microsoft safety scanner a go.Any ideas please?Thanks.

  hiwatt 18:14 08 Jun 2010

I'll try that later when I'm at my own computer.If they're not loading what should I do?Thank you.

  hiwatt 18:42 08 Jun 2010

Yes I have.DNS client is disabled.Could it be something as simple as that do you think?

  hiwatt 18:00 09 Jun 2010

I reset DNS client to automatic ,it made no difference.Rdave the drivers seem to be loading.All the usual ones are there including Network adaptors/fast ethernet adapter.Still not getting any internet while in safe mode with networking?Any other suggestions?They are much appreciated.Thanks.

  100andthirty 06:09 10 Jun 2010

how is your modem connected to your computer? via ethernet or USB? if the latter, check that the modem driver is enabled in Safe Mode. Perhaps you should "enable legacy USB" in the BIOS. Perhaps there's a Virgin modem programme that should run at start up but won't in safe mode. Sorry to be vague, I don't use a cable modem.

  hiwatt 11:25 10 Jun 2010

Right folks.automatically detect settings is ticked buteman.I am connected by ethernet 100andthirty and leavingpastime,I thought that's the purpose of safe mode with networking is that you can connect to the interner while in safe mode with limited drivers enabled?Thanks folks.P.s still no joy?

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