No internet connection / hard drive problem?

  JimmE 00:19 10 Nov 2004

This is a long and complicated problem - I have posted the entire story here to try and give you as much background to what I have already tried as possible - I apologise if you fall asleep before you get to the reply box!

Here goes:

I have two PCs which are networked via Ethernet cables and share an NTL Cable broadband connection via a cabe router.

Recently, one PC stopped being able to view the internet, though it has been able to download files from and upload files to the other PC on the network, and can view the web interface on the router with no problems.

I first thought this was due to Norton Internet Security becoming corrupt (as it would no longer open) so attempted to uninstall - reinstall - no luck as the uninstall failed. Due to other "niggles" on this PC I decided to reformat / reinstall XP Professional.

Had trouble doing so - installer would not run, had to use partitiona magic to delete partition, recreate, set active etc.

Still XP would not install. I tried replacing CD ROM drive as I know I have had some problems with this one in the past. Disconnected both existing CD ROM drives and connected one from another PC - install got much further than before but still failed before copying any files. Eventally used Win98 startup disk, re-partitioned (1 partition = whole drive) using FDISK / FAT32 and installed Windows 98SE no problem.

Then upgraded to XP (my XP disk for this machine is upgrade anyway) - no problem

Still PC would not connect to internet though network was fine. Checked cabling by replacing cable running between PC and router - connected no problem. Eventually re-wired (disconnected and reconnected) socket on wall, using original cable, this seemed to do the trick as I could now browse the net.

Great, I thought - unplugged replacement CD drive, reconnected original two, put case back on, put PC back in desk, turned back on - windows failed to boot - got so far (past Windows XP flash screen) then displays a STOP error less than 1/2 second and restarts. Got the "windows failed to boot" menu - tried safe mode - no prob. Safe mode with networking - failed. Normal - failed. Last known good config - worked. booted into windows, logged in - confronted with error messages relating to Norton (nvcpl) and rundll32.exe which ahd been installed onto a clean system the day before. Internet works fine. Went to bed!

Today - PC will not boot into windows again - tried last known good configuration - booted into windows. same error messages. NO INTERNET CONNECTION FROM THIS PC (other PC is fine))

Uninstalled Norton - logon error messages dissappeared. Disables Windows Firewall, checked IE for no proxy and auto detect settings.

Tried to PING localhost ( - no prob. PINGED other PC, no prob, PINGED click here (which worked no prob on other PC) and was told

"Ping request could not find host click here. Please check the name and t

I then PINGED's IP address - got a response??!

Typed this into internet explorer showed me the page on working PC but not on the affected PC.

I am at a loss - any ideas?

Apologies again for the long post - it probably doesn't even make any sense! If yo urequire clarification or further information, just ask!

Thanks in advance,


  WaTcHiNg 00:27 10 Nov 2004

I've seen similar I the past and I've now set my cable router to dish out DNS settings of my ISP (also NTL) as well as IP addresses.

I currently use and as my primary and secondary DNS servers. If I remove these then my PC can't resolve any hosts on the net.

  JimmE 00:43 10 Nov 2004

I was coming round to a DNS problem - thought was too much for that post!

My router does configure DNS with same servers as you have listed - I have checked this from working and affected PC.

That last message was posted from the affected PC using Remote Desktop to connect to this PC which connects to the internet - I am now typing from the good PC.

I did find a microsoft link which seemed to be describing DNS problems locally, as though DNS servers store a local list of addresses on your PC? I followed the instructions though they appeared to be for win95 / 98 so did not complete hte procedure as there are two many differences between the operating systems and XP. The only hosts file I found did just contain, but then so did the one on this PC which is fine!

(The page is click here)

  JimmE 02:45 21 Nov 2004

It turned out that I had forwarded some ports to the good PC which for whatever reason stopped the other PC from borwsing the net - I do not remember why I forwarded these ports so I removed the port forwarding entry or that range and now all is well!

Discovered this by accident when I connected the affected PC to the router with the IP address of the good PC and vice versa, and the problem moved from one PC to the other!



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