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No Internet Access

  RobCharles1981 18:11 06 Apr 2013

Hi all

Windows 7 is the operating system fired up pc this morning to check emails then shut her down.

When I came back on about half hour latter my Internet was down my ISP is Titan adsl typical they are closed on the weekend.

I get "no Internet access" in my system tray network is on and I've done the usual checks for connections and tried rebooting my router nothing.

It seams its a fault in the exchange but is there any other workaround it fix this issue ?

Thanks Rob

  lotvic 18:36 06 Apr 2013

If it's a fault at the telephone exchange unfortunately there is nothing you can do except wait for it to be fixed.

I presume you have found an alternative means of connecting to internet (friends house or mobile) or you wouldn't have been able to post on here.

If it's any consolation, my fibre connection went down last week because of a fault at my telephone exchange. It was off most of the day.

  hiwatt 18:48 06 Apr 2013

I've actually had this happen when things at the ISP side have been ok.First reboot the computer.If that doesn't help Reset DNS cache Start/Run type ipconfig /flushdns If still no result try opening network and sharing center and right click on local area connection and choose diagnose.If there's any problems detected this will try and fix it!

  hiwatt 18:50 06 Apr 2013

I didn't actually read your full post.Have you tried rebooting the computer?Sometimes just this fixes it.Worked for me the other day when I had the same problem

  Secret-Squirrel 19:06 06 Apr 2013

Rob, it's possible that it's your ISP's DNS server that's at fault. If it is then there is a workaround that can be applied - try this:

Open a Command Prompt window and type:


.........then hit the Enter key. If you get four Reply from....... messages then your Internet connection's fine and it is a DNS problem. Post back and I'll give you that workaround.

  RobCharles1981 20:44 06 Apr 2013

Cheers guys I ran the windows network diagnostics and it says this......

"The connection between your access point, router or cable modem is broken"

Ile try your idea now sq 2 ticks

  RobCharles1981 20:47 06 Apr 2013

Destination net unreachable?

  Secret-Squirrel 21:15 06 Apr 2013

"Destination net unreachable"

It does sound like your Internet connection really is down.

"The connection between your access point, router or cable modem is broken"

Go to Control Panel -> Network & Sharing Center. Look at the network map at the top. If the connection between your computer and the router is fine, but there's a red X between the router and Internet, then it's likely that your ISP is indeed experiencing problems.

  RobCharles1981 22:22 06 Apr 2013

Yep and your right too it's a pain and in Annoyance the support line is closed on the weekend I hope it pulls itself together!

  lotvic 22:42 06 Apr 2013

Just to satisfy my curiosity, I'm sure there is a simple answer - how are you able to post on here?

  RobCharles1981 16:48 07 Apr 2013

Using my iPhone!

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