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  mh84 11:42 11 Nov 2012

HI All,

Im using a Samsung Series 7 (NP700Z5A-A01DX) I recently the 'System Recovery Media) to install Windows 7 from the disk provided by Samsung. Seems to hae worked, fine, installed a version of windows 7 without any of the extra bloat ware from Samsung. Problem is I cannot find a way to connect to the internet. I use the control panel to open the wireless network connection window, but none are found. I don't even get the wireless connection thing in the bottom right of the task bar.

Can anyone help? Let me know if you need more info..

  johndrew 11:47 11 Nov 2012

.. installed a version of windows 7 without any of the extra bloat ware from Samsung.

Often this software contains code which is essential for some of the laptop features to function. Perhaps you need to install the full package.

  mh84 12:15 11 Nov 2012

Thanks for the replies.

I feel a bit stupid now. Wireless is not switched on! But I cant find how to switch it on! None of the Fn+keys functions are working (That's is how I usually turn the WiFi on/off....and there is no physical button on the laptop to turn wireless on. The icon for wireless networks on the task bar is also missing! Does this mean some of the drivers are missing, or is it something else?

  woodchip 12:35 11 Nov 2012

fn should work with the Antenna F key. Press fn and hold first then the above

  mh84 14:03 11 Nov 2012

No..Fn does not work at all! I'm completely stuck and lost for ideas!

Samsung support is closed on sundays :(

  northumbria61 14:39 11 Nov 2012

As Jock1e has suggested - have you checked device manager to make sure there are no yellow exclamation marks on it?

Sounds to me that the Network Adapter is missing and may be contained in the "bloatware" that you haven't installed. Only other suggestion is to go to the manufacturers website and download the correct Adapter.

  northumbria61 14:49 11 Nov 2012

You should find a Network Adapter download here - make sure you select the correct one enter link description here

  northumbria61 14:50 11 Nov 2012

Click on DRIVER - left side of page to see List

  mh84 15:14 11 Nov 2012

Thanks for that...I will try that...Seems like I will need to download to my external hard drive and transfer over for installation. Just hope the USB drives will work. I will let you know what happens!

  Ex plorer 23:09 11 Nov 2012

Hi I have a Samsung not the same model as yours but to switch On-Off Wireless its Fn F9 together. Mine runs vista and I did a reinstall but I have two disks, one to load vista etc, and a drivers disk to reinstall all drivers.

  mh84 09:51 12 Nov 2012

Yes, I know how to use the FN button, but none of the functions are working! Can't change the volume or brightness or anything!

I've also looked in the Device Manager in Control Panel. The following 'Other Devices' have yellow triangles beside them:

*Ethernet Controller *Network Controller *PCI Simple Communications Controller *SM Bus Controller *Universal Serial Bus (USB Controller)

Also not working are the Headphone Socket, and the screen resolution is not as good as before!

As the USB port are not working either I assume I will have to download the relevant drivers from Samsung website and burn to a CD? Just need to figure out what is what on the webiste!

Im a bit disappointed and surprised that Samsung would provide a recovery media DVD that doesn't include the drivers! Almost wish I had bought a Sony VAIO now!

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