No Input Signal - Sony 17" flat screen HX73

  Goshiman 22:46 13 Aug 2005

I have a brand new Sony Vaio desk top, VGC-RA304 with the Sony 17" flat screen SDM-HX73 monitor. The monitor keeps on going to sleep, after giving the "No Input Signal" message. I have to try many measures with the keyboard & mouse to try and get to see the screen again. I have checked all connection and even a different monitor with the desk top, and same thing occurs. I have even set the desktop back to factory settings as suggested by sony help desk via a complete restore... no luck. If however I start up the desktop in safe mode, the monitor works fine. I have even tried by stopping all start up programmesby disableing them via "msconfig -6" .... still no luck. Can any help PLEASE .... Thanks

  rubella 00:51 14 Aug 2005

You have nVidia GeForce 6600 graphics in that. I’d try reinstalling the drivers next.

  Goshiman 19:44 17 Aug 2005

Thanks and yes, this is the correct driver. I have in fact removed the driver and alowed the system to find and add the driver again. However this does not rectified the problem. Should I download the driver and install from scratch?

  DieSse 19:59 17 Aug 2005

Try removing the graphics card and refitting it.

Try another graphics card

Try another monitor.

  DieSse 20:00 17 Aug 2005

Ah - I see you've tried another monitor - have you tried another cable?

  DieSse 20:01 17 Aug 2005

"...brand new Sony Vaio desk top"

Try Sony - it's under warranty I presume.

  Phphred 21:45 17 Aug 2005

Sony Monitors 0870 51 68 648

  Goshiman 14:01 18 Aug 2005

Thanks all. I have tried all the above, but have not removed the Graphics card. Its is under warranty, I was just afraid to send it to Sony-Vaio-Link, as I have had some quite bad experience with their service support. But I think, as its is under warranty, that's probably my last option, I will however call that Sony Monitor number. Thanks again all.

  geewis357 16:15 18 Aug 2005

Hi guys, Have you tryed going to control panal and in power options set the moniter to turn off never. That should dothe trick.

  Goshiman 16:53 18 Aug 2005

Hi Geewis357, I believe I have tried this via a suggestion from Sony Support, but this was quite early on when the problem first started. However, good idea ... will try again to see the effect. many thanks.

  geewis357 17:59 18 Aug 2005

I have a laptop and the battery only lasts about 90 mins so to extend this I have played with this setting but my desktop I have set everything to turn off never. Hope it all works out for you.

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