No input Signal

  Andy_J_H 07:55 16 May 2003

Rather foolishly I have played around with the settings on my computer and messed up the connection to my Monitor

I am unaware of the Monitor Model or make. It is the standard 17" TFT Flat screen supplied with the Time Computers Model S8309 powerstation package

The only difference I made to my system was setting it to run in "high-performance" mode.


Error message when switching on machine "No input signal, going to sleep"

I have tried restarting
I have checked the cables, no loose connections, broken pins, etc
Power leads are fine (both monitor and power work)
I have adjusted the settings for brightness, etc
No information is diplays on the menu for the monitor such as Refresh rate, and monitor settings, etc. (There is normally about 6 sub menus)

Subsequently I have resorted to using one of thos PC-TV connectors from Belkin as a last resort

Any ideas?

  fitshase 09:23 16 May 2003

I think - if my memory serves me correct - that the setting you are referring to is in the BIOS?

Have you tried setting it back to "normal" and making sure all of the other settings in the BIOS are correct.

I remember doing exactly the same thing a number of years ago and nothing worked. I had to go back into the BIOS and change back to "normal" and then go through each menu in the BIOS and change the settings back to what they should be.



  ET - Andy 09:54 16 May 2003

Na mate, I forgot to mention. I can't even access the BIOS the entire screen is dead and simply stays in standby mode. The performance settings were adjusted in the BIOS. I loaded up Windows (XP) and after restarting the machine simply won't load up. I am unsure if it even loads windows.

  Tog 11:39 16 May 2003

Reset the BIOS, preferably using the jumpers, your manual should tell you how. BIOS will then go to defaults.

  ET - Andy 08:27 20 May 2003

The problems were resovled after resetting the JBAT1 jumper on the motherboard (MSI 6712 KT400)

In the end I did it myself. I have (or rather did now :o) have a 3 year warranty with time. There helpdesk was a bit rubbish because they asked the standard questions which I have already confirmed. Such as checking cables, etc

Problems resolved

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