no ie on laptop

  cahill01 21:17 27 Feb 2010

hi can someone help please.i have a laptop as well as a PC. my laptop is showing connected,wireless but i cant connect to internet.

i called bt help today, i was advised to try many things, with laptop connected to tower of PC with no sucess.
just before the tech left he said he could,nt help any more but it may be your drivers.?
if this is correct how do i go about sorting this.

  ame 12:33 01 Mar 2010

Presume he means the drivers for the wireless card in the laptop. Right click on MyComputer, select Poperties, select Hardware, select DeviceManager, click on Network Adapters, select the one(s) you want, and ensure it says This Device is Working Properly. Click on Driver tab. You can try updating automatically (Windows will search for a newer one) but best to download the latest one from laptop or network card manufacturer's website - you can do same for desktop to ensure all up to date.

  ame 15:39 01 Mar 2010

From seeing your other post in someone else's thread, do you think this is the result of installing Norton 360? If so, best thing to do (assuming network adapters are all working ok as above)is uninstall Norton temporarily from laptop to check and see if it works ok again.

  cahill01 18:59 01 Mar 2010

ame thanks for replying i did exactally what you said in first tread. there are 4 drivers all updated and working fine.
norton 360 seems to be fine from on main pc.
i downloaded fine.
it was while trying to download on to laptop that problems started.
i was chatting to norton yesterday, who advised me to download norton removal tool.
i cant get internet on laptop so tried to copy and paste tool on to disc, for some reason the disc wouldnt copy.
on my laptop is the old version of norton, while trying to download new version 360 4 is were the problems started.
i cant get rid of the norton in uninstall programes.
as i said my laptop is saying its not connected but when i check it is connected to wireless.
i have tried many things with no luck.

  peter99co 19:36 01 Mar 2010

Is it possible to download the Removal tool onto a pendrive and transfer it?

  ame 22:38 01 Mar 2010

You could try the free version of revo uninstaller click here if you can't get the removal tool onto your laptop.

  ame 22:41 01 Mar 2010

Or simply try a System Restore to before you installed Norton?

  cahill01 19:30 03 Mar 2010

thanks for your help managed to sort disc and download norton removal tool on to disc
put in laptop all sorted thanks for all your help

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