No idea whats wrong here

  Josquius 17:37 23 Jul 2004

This computer has been having problems since a reformat failed and some idiot computer repair man 'fixed' it by installing windows on the d drive rather then the c.
The floppy disk drive doens't work (hasn't since after the reformat- why I couldn't install any os but windows xp), have tried another floppy disk drive in it but its just the same.
Also the usb ports don't work.

Any idea what could be wrong? I'm guessing the motherboard but I have no idea how it could be broke and how it can be fixed.

  woodchip 17:45 23 Jul 2004

If you have a Full XP disc I would suggest you start with the CD and reformat all the Drive. Not hidden partitions or drives that have restore files etc

  Dorsai 17:54 23 Jul 2004

Did the 'idiot PC repair man' change any bois settings?

Perhaps a brief visit into the bois to 'load failsafe defaults' then 'save & exit'?

anyone disagree?

  Djohn 18:04 23 Jul 2004

What is on the C drive at the moment and is it a separate drive or a partition?

  Djohn 18:09 23 Jul 2004

Te a drive [Floppy] may have been disabled in the BIOS when he formatted your PC and he forgot to enable it again. Do you feel comfortable going into the BIOS?

  Josquius 18:17 23 Jul 2004

The C drive is totally empty, I have tried to use partition magic to get rid of it (it is the same hard disk as d just 2 partitions).
Floppy could be disabled in bios...hmm never knew that could be done.
How would I go about reactivating it in the bios?

  Djohn 18:30 23 Jul 2004

Reboot PC, tapping away at the Delete key as it boots. This will take you into BIOS. Your mouse will most likely not work here so you use the arrow keys on keyboard to move around.

Press the down arrow until "Advanced BIOS options" is highlighted then hit the enter key, scroll down to the floppy drive. You will most likely see that the floppy has disabled showing at the side of it, use your enter key to toggle back and forth to set as "Enabled" then click on the escape key twice.

You will see a message asking do you wish to exit with save, Y/N. Tap your Y key then the enter key again, this will save the changes and windows will continue to load.

If this cures the floppy problem then all we need to do is load XP to the C drive, Where it should be in the first place. This will be best done as a clean install.

It is quite straightforward to do and one of us will talk you through or point you to a graphic guide that you can print off before formatting the whole drive and starting again partitioning as you wish. j.

  norman47 19:20 23 Jul 2004

Do exactly as Djohn says " advanced bios features".

Also look in standard cmos features, scroll down to drive A. Is it set at 1.44, 3.51n.? If not set it for that.

Also look in integrated peripherals ( may be sub sectioned super I O function) for on board FDD controller. Make sure this is enabled.

  Josquius 17:43 18 Sep 2004

The usb still doesn't work. I have no idea how to fix it at all.
For the floppy drive I think the drive itself was dead as is every other one in my house. I'll have to buy new ones.
Does anyone know of a guide how to edit partitions when reformatting a computer? I think I may have to reformat it and see if it starts working.

  Noleg24 18:02 18 Sep 2004

when you format the HDD it should tell you what size partition you want...if I am thinking right cos I did this with my HDD after reinstalling XP I made a partition but I cant remember if it was before or after formatting the HDD. one of the two will appear and you can take it from there. there some sites around but none that I am aware of...try a google search.

  Josquius 11:49 19 Sep 2004

can you reformat without a floppy?
I can't remember

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