No 'HELP' ?

  curlylad 16:06 24 Nov 2003

I've been having a small problem with my printer and tried to access the 'Help' facility.
I clicked start ,help and typed in printers , display, then highlighted print troubleshooter ,click display , then in the window clicked the 'click here' button to launch the troubleshooter , all OK so far.But when I check the box relating to the relevant problem and click the next button , a completely blank window opens .What do I do folks?

  Lozzy 16:11 24 Nov 2003

Please specify printer make and model and exactly what the issue is with the printer.

  alcudia 16:33 24 Nov 2003

Don't think it's anything to do with the printer. This is Windows Help. I've seen this before because it affected all 25 machines on our network. Heaven knows what caused it, but as all machines had identical installations there was no way of telling. Only cured when I had to re-format every one of them (for other reasons), and that took six weeks.
I'll be interested to see if you resolve this.

Sorry I can't be of more help. (no pun intended)

  Stuartli 17:30 24 Nov 2003

You can download updated versions of Windows Help at

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