No HDD light, No signal on monitor

  MrEdSome 01:44 28 Jul 2018

So I’ve been having issues with my PC recently, everything seems to be running fine (fans etc.) Sometimes it’ll even boot and allow me to sign in. However majority of the time it doesn’t post, the HDD light doesn’t flash besides when I initially press the power button

I’ve tried every single trick in the book, breadboarding, tried every RAM stick individually in every slot. Tried starting the PC with only essentials plugged in (CPU and 1 stick of RAM) and 9/10 time’s it doesn’t change a thing

However the rare occasions that I’ve managed to access the BIOS was when (i) I left it for a couple of hours and came back to the log in screen. After realising through hardware monitoring software that the CPU was running hot I decided to turn it off and reapply thermal paste. It subsequently refused to turn on. The HDDs felt hot but the hardware monitor had their temperature at 40 degrees Celsius

(ii) I didn’t have the SATA cables connected and when I connected them and tried, nothing happened

(iii) it miraculously decided to turn on first time instantly when I swapped out the CMOS batteries. But after making changes in the BIOS I tried to save changes and reboot, to no avail

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:41 28 Jul 2018
  1. check you have fitted the CPU correctly and haven't damaged any pins

  2. check all power connections to the board especially any for the cpu (if fitted)

  3. what voltage levels were showing wit your hardware monitoring as it could be a PSU problem?

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